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What qualities does a great leader have? Which do you possess?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Pharmacy Technician interview

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When you think of a leader, who comes to mind? Do you think of a president, military leader or activist? Visualize this person and think about the qualities they embody. You may not be fighting for freedom, but you can still make a difference in the workplace through your leadership skills. Think of three qualities.

What qualities does a great leader have? Which do you possess?
Answer example

"Being decisive. confident and empathetic."

Answer example

"I've been complimented on my communication and active listening skills. I think it is important to foster open lines of communication in order to successfully get through each day."

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What qualities does a great leader have? Which do you possess?
The qualities of a great leader include: someone who is likable; a problem-solver, a good communicator; and who is passionate about their role.
Effectiveness powerful sympathetic quietly assertive Quietly assertive sympathetic.
A great leader has the ability to motivate their team and has empathy for them as well. A good leader listens to all suggestions and problems and considers them. I have empathy for others and am able to see where they are coming from.
Greater listener, equalities with team members, supportive, motivating, helpful and encouraging.
A leader understands that a group has to work together as a team and knows what is best to reach their full potential. I posses the understanding of a group because even though I am quiet, I understand what people are like.
Great leader should be able to handle his followers in great way.
Honesty, integrity, leadership . I try to do my best all the time( all of them)
Attention to detail, working as a group, taking control of situations and communication.
Listening, approachable, dependable, tactile and diplomatic, decisive and all of them.
Understanding, kindness, a good ear for listening and not to show favouritism. I show all this.
To be a grate follower, im a team player.
They are able to deal with the workforce in a friendly manner and relate to them but also be assertive and authoritive so the team work effectively and efficiently as possible. I am able to be decisive and authoritive, maintaining the manager- technician relationship but also be friendly in order to get the best out of my staff.
A great leader should be very understanding, patient, and knowledgable. I am a very understanding an patient person. I am quite knowledgeable but there is always room for improvement.
I have not been in a leadership role.
Quality service to customer.
Active listening, ability to transmit knowledge, getting feedbacks, meet the expectation of the staff I possess all of them.
I treat others with respect am very organized communicate well and teach by example.
Hard working and a team player I have both.
A great leader possess the ability to communicate, delegate and participate as a team player. I possess the ability to be a team player, motivate and communicate.
The main qualities a good leader has is being approachable, helpful and patient. I think I possess all these qualities.
A great leader has a certain presence about them. They are detailed oriented, great with words, able to keep a persons attention. I have a great attitude and I can keep a person interested in a conversation.
Listening and understanding your co workers or colleagues.

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