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What are your weaknesses?
Preparing for this question requires a little bit of self-awareness and strategy. Focus on a weakness that you could possibly turn into a strength. Share something you are proactively working on improving. Tell the interviewer about a weakness and show how it has helped strengthen the ability to complete tasks and reach goals. Time management is a skill that takes time! Always share what you are learning or have learned from your weakness. This shows your interviewer that you are adaptable and willing to grow.
Answer examples
"Sometimes I move too quickly when completing a project under a deadline, and that's when I make mistakes. I have learned to slow down and plan out how I will use my time, setting benchmarks along the way so that I can check in to gauge my status on the project and see how far I am from reaching my goal."
"Sometimes I have worked through my lunch break. I've come to realize that taking a break is necessary in order to not make mistakes. I've been better about walking away from prescriptions, handing them over to a co-worker or coming back to them after my lunch."

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your weaknesses?
Triple check the work.
Too Meticulous and too cautious.
OCD and time manangement.
I don't like half measures I always like to do tasks properly and stick to the rules.
My english grammar but I know this is only temporary because I worked hard on it to overcome it and being meticulous and triple checking my work always.
I double guess myself. Not to the point that tasks dont get done, but I keep asking myself "Is this the right way?" And that I may ask questions a lot until I get a hold on things.
Obsessing and taking too much time to make sure I dont make any errors and getting mad at myself for it.
I m very shy in nature Any can say to no to any one who speacilay need halp.
That I am not a spur of the moment kind of person I like routine and planning ahead.
Not speaking up when I should and my typing speed.
Too sensitive, easily stressed.
I over analyze conversations and trusting people.
Fear of doing more Perfectionist.
Speaking low was the feed-back I got from my co-workers, but now I am better than ever.
Socialization and misery.
I despise mistakes from myself and want to be perfect and that slows me down. I am trying hard to have more focus with my work to pick up the pace and still strive for excellence. I also chit chat with the patients too much. I want them to feel better and feel like I care and sometimes talk too much with them. I am working hard to speak less to show I care about them and still be an efficient technician.
Not being vocal enough and doing every thing myself.
My 2 weakest points are 1.) I am a bit of a perfectionist; I can be a little obsessive about triple-checking everything for accuracy. 2.) I can sometimes be a little impatient... When things take longer than expected.
Trying to do too much and never saying no to anyone.
I would say always looking for anything to do and being to detailed.
My weakest point would be food.
Sometimes I tend to speak faster than I mean to speak and make it difficult to understand.
My calves and and thighs -- but who does leg day ? am I right ? BENCH PRESS FOR LIFE !!!
When I make mistakes, I tend to be very hard on myself, but it forces me to focus more on the task at hand.
I don't know how to ask for help and I'm very hard o myself.
Not finding an answer to a challenge and.
I tent to overworked, if things needs to get done I will do it myself. Often I would double or triple checked my work to ensure accuracy.
Doing something myself instead of showing someone else who is learning.
My weakest is to discreminate by other person but I take it as a challenge and motivate my I self that I cant do it.
Hate when we are behind in our work, and seeing people unhappy.
Overly critical of my work and check things maybe too often.
Everyone has some weakest points and if I say I don't I'd be lying. My first weakest point is getting lazy when I'm not performing an active role and distraction.
Trust all people, too kind.
I find it difficult to say no and being self critical.
I sometimes over check things, and sometimes I liked to ask questions a little more just incase I dont fully understand them.
Criticism if not constructive High expectation and managing the fact that not everyone has the same standards.
My two weakest points are being a company person and the willingness to help others because I can flex my hours at work that will keep me from my personal life.
A little shy meeting new people and I can overthink certain situations.
Very critical at myself Hard for me to work with coworkers that are less committed as I am.
I weakness before was math and memorization and I conquered them when I learned pharmacy calculations and pharmacy terminology.
Working in cold environments and slow periods like to stay busy.