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Tell me about a stressful time in your life. How did you handle it?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Pharmacy Technician interview

How to Answer

What tools do you use to manage stress? Tell the interviewer that you can handle working in a constantly changing environment. You will need to be able to handle demanding customers, manage relationships with coworkers and fill prescriptions. Give an example that demonstrates your ability to manage stress in your life.

Tell me about a stressful time in your life. How did you handle it?
Answer example

"I was studying for the Pharmacy Technician Board Exam while working full time and completing my externship. It was an extremely stressful time for me. I found that managing my time and prioritizing was the most helpful to make sure I was able to balance everything."

Answer example

"While I was enrolled in school I had a hard time juggling being a parent, student and work part-time. I kept a detailed to-do list and asked for help from my family. I got past the stressful time and grew from it."

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Tell me about a stressful time in your life. How did you handle it?
Is when I have a lot to accomplish within a specified time limit. Under such conditions I refuse to be stressed instead I calmly approach such situations as a challenge.
Irrate customer in shop . Took her to one side listend to her complaint assured her I would look into it and ring her later . Customer was happy I rang her back and thanked me for dealing with it promptly.
During my finals, I stress a lot however over the past years I've learnt to prepare yourself for challenges and prepare yourself from beginning. We don't know what challenges/ obstacles we may face in life. However remaining calm will make it easier dealing with the issues. Keeping a positive mind.
I am going through a stressful time in my life now. My husband is underemployed; he is only given one or two days of work per week. Also, my employer has decreased my hours to two days per week because I am per diem and have to be given benefits if I work more than 25 hours per week. We are having financial trouble, so I have been searching for another job.
When my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. That was taught news, it litally meant death to me. I was not too clear about the subject so I went ahead and did an extensive research on it to better prepare myself for what may come next.
When I left my abusive husband.
A pharmacy technician experiences different stresses every day, I personally feel that I work better under pressure.
My husband had a heart attack when I 1st became a technician and was starting a new job, the company at the time was very good to me and allowed me to come in and do what I could while visiting the hospital and taking care of our daughters all at the same time I will be forever grateful for the opportunity they gave me.
When my family member sick, death, accident but, I took it as it is the willing of God to happen and considered it as a challenge to me.
I think my divorce has been the most stressful time. I take one day at a time, never expect too much and look to the future not dwindle on the past.
My most stressful time of my life was when I had injury on my Jaw. I seeked help and rethink.
Working with a person, I couldn't deal with and asked not to be rostered on with them. Majority of people can't work with this person.
Every day is stressful, just got on with it, as I think that it's pretty amazing we are here and we shouldn't waste the time we have getting stressed about things,
I had a anxity & panic attack, I was taking pills but I dont like them,I started to learn how I can controle myself without pills.
My move from one country to the other.
Flying for the first time, I was overly stressed about being in the air, but I was able to get through it by focusing on my vacation to Canada and the fun I was going to have with my fiancé.
There was a time when I was still going to school and I didnt have my drivers license yet at this point. My parents have to drive me back and forth and it was a good almost hour drive. I was verystressed out because they'd wait for me in my car while I was in class. At one point, I just accepted it and told myself I will do better. I will be my best to repay them for all these great things they've done for me.
Changing to positive mood.
When I found out that my mother was dying from colon cancer. I did everything I could to make her comfortable and would not show her how her health affected me. I just concentrated on my moms needs.
It was one day when I had to work with a substitute pharmacist and a coworker which is not as passionate about the job as I am. I had to enter all the data into to computer system and count about 75% of the prescription myself while also answering the phone and taking care of the customers. I prioritized all my work that day. I started filling all of the prescriptions as they were sending to us through e-rx. By the time, the patients got to the pharmacy, their medications were ready to be picked up. So during the rush hour, I was able to help the customer at the front while keeping an eye to new prescriptions that were coming. Everything went smoothly and we were able to wrap up on time without working over time.
My father died in December of 2013. I felt like I had to be strong for my mother since I am an only child, so I just kept my emotions bottled up.
When I lost my dad and I was about taking my professional exam. I had console myself and I did well in the exam.
I had a brother that took a wrong path in life and I had to continue to love and support him not judge.
I have 3 children, so you can imagine everyday is a stressful time in my life! (LOL) I believe you just have to go with the flow; remain calm and collected as well as flexible.
I still had to go on with my life instead of just sulking.
I was putting a code in and my computer locked up, I grabbed another registar to complete the registering with me.
We had like150 prescriptions to type and we had 30 minutes to close and we got everything done on time.
Several years ago had a bout of depression which I did not acknowledge at the time, but took a dice from go, enrolled in a cbt course and counselling and eventually turned my life back around.
Dont really have anything beside divorcing and moving to another state.
The most stressful time in my life would have to be when my grandmother became ill and then when she passed away. I always put on a brave face at work and treated every person I interacted with like family. I stayed professional the whole time.
A stressful time in my life is when I have a lot to accomplished within a specified time limit. Under such condition I have always refused to be stressed; instead I calmly approach such situations as a challenge and a test of my management acumen and stamina. Calmly I surmount pressures by reworking my strategy and management to get the job done with absolute success.
Honestly I dont remember that there is a stressful time in my life because I always enjoy what I am doing, I enjoyed all the events in my life and if ever there comes the time I will handle it calmly and take it as a challenge to me.

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