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Pharmacy Technician Interview

27 Pharmacy Technician Questions and Answers by Ryan Brunner
| Ryan has over 10 years of experience interviewing
candidates in the healthcare, public service, and private manufacturing/distribution industries.

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Give me an example of your leadership ability?

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Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions

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    Give me an example of your leadership ability?

      Your leadership ability is a reflection of your initiative and collaboration with others, among several other qualities. Talk about a time you led a team to success, whether it was a sports team or a day in the pharmacy. Companies like to hire leaders because they are reliable and trustworthy. A good leader listens to their coworkers and their boss and communicates effectively. How have you embodied these qualities in the past?

      Ryan's Answer

      "In my current position, I am one of the lead techs for training new employees in our department. As part of my training with new techs, I walk them through the training on policies and procedures in the department as well as the day to day duties we provide. I lead and train using great communication skills and leading by example."

      Heather's Answer

      "During my high school years, I was a team captain for my volleyball and basketball teams. As a leader on these teams, I promoted teamwork among my peers and communicated the plays that we were running. These are skills that I will be able to bring to the workplace by being a team player and great communicator with the other members of my team."

      Ryan's Answer

      "Having been in my current position for many years, I am now the lead tech when I work PM shifts when our manager is not at work. In this role, any procedural questions that needs to be answered come to me. I enjoy this role as I have become well versed in our processes and policies. I maintain a positive attitude at all times and lead by example with my team."

      Anonymous Answer

      "As the lead tech, the other techs always come to me to ask me when they don't understand something since I am always the first one to know the new changes or go to further training. I like to share all I learn with others so we can all be on the same page."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Your answer shows a great deal of teamwork but also the qualities of a true leader...mentorship and helpfulness, being the first to take additional training, etc. Nicely done!

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