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Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions and Answers
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Give me an example of one of your past jobs that required great attention to detail.
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I have worked for a flight refuelling company where I was in charge of stock control for all aircraft parts, from ordering to allocating. I have owned my own shop and am currently a part time director of a windscreen replacement company.
That is every day to make you elimante errors by double checking your work and everything you.
I've never really had a job but I place a great amount of attention in school.
My current job at the moment as a Pharmacy ATO in aseptic means I have to pay attention to detail even with consent distractions and under pressure.
The job I am currently in. Attention to. Detail is vital when dealing with patient medication. Specifically when creating labels and selecting medication.
When I worked at Levi's we were always having to listen to customers and find out there needs. Listening requires attention to detail because you don't want to miss out on the important facts. Just as a pharmacy tech you want to listen toy our manage or supervision to ensure you know what direction to take and not mess and details when it comes with dealing with meds.
I designed easy read patient information leaflets using simple terminology for patients with mental health problems.
Listening to the customers, it requires great amount of attention as we have to understand what they are after/looking for.
Whilst I was working as an online retail assistant I had to take orders over the phone. I had to listen carefully for their personal and card details when taking payments.
Pharmacist assistant,I placed in metro Manila & a great amount minimum.
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