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Give me an example of one of your past jobs that required great attention to detail.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Pharmacy Technician interview

How to Answer

You could expand upon this example, sharing the type of technology you used and articulating the details of this aspect of the job. Showing that you can follow through with tasks using accuracy and precision will give the interviewer confidence that you can handle the responsibility of interpreting doctor's orders. Can you pay close attention the names and quantities of medications? Prove you can be entrusted with handling the details of your future job.

Give me an example of one of your past jobs that required great attention to detail.
Answer example

"Filling prescriptions each day requires attention to detail. If I'm not giving each prescription my 100% attention I could make an error and hurt someone."


"Because of so many look alike and sound alike medications, putting supplies away requires a great amount of attention to detail. If I place a bottle on the wrong shelf and it is used it could cause harm to the patient."

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Give me an example of one of your past jobs that required great attention to detail.
Listening to the customers, it requires great amount of attention as we have to understand what they are after/looking for.
I've never really had a job but I place a great amount of attention in school.
Well the job I currently have I believe I have to put a lot of attention to details because I have this huge responsibility dealing with customers accounts. And would want to be certain we are performing every action with our full attention because we are the people who are basically handling what there bill would be. Also when we receive inventory we would put in the phones imei number which would be different for every phone so if we would even mess up one number that phone would be become completely unknown and unsellable.
Out of hours emergency drug store room.
At the Peninsula Health Dept where I currently work. I always place a great amount of attention to details. Due to the patient population that I serve. I have to pay attention to detail, there are a lot of mistakes that can happen.
I currently work on well pharmacy Leicester road Loughborough I am qualified pharmacy technician working as pharmacy assistant I am currently looking for a job to make use my experience and skills that I have from my previous jobs I have in the past.
That is every day to make you elimante errors by double checking your work and everything you.
In our pharmacy we fill elderly and jail inmates monthly pill boxes. Some patients have multiple prescriptions that are taken certain ways several times a day.
As an Inventory Specialist, I have to pay attention to the inventory returns: what drugs are going in and out of the pharmacy, where they are going, the credit returns, etc.
Help with the bingo accounts for my church, temperature checks at work.
In compounding we weigh out each ingredient. So you have to pay full attention because being just one decimal point off can make the medication life-threatening.
I worked at a DIY shop. My main role was to order paints and also advise customers which paint would be the best for them. They would ask for different types of paints with different brands. I would make a decision looking at the brand and the price of the paint and also considering the purpose the customer buying this product.
As a pharmacy technician, I think it is really important about the dose.
Whilst I was working as an online retail assistant I had to take orders over the phone. I had to listen carefully for their personal and card details when taking payments.
I designed easy read patient information leaflets using simple terminology for patients with mental health problems.
CVS pharmacy while entering prescriptions that were brought in.
Listening to the customers, it requires great amount of attention as we have to understand what they are after/looking for.
Working in pharmacy, you need essential attention to detail. Checking the name collaborates together, from on the prescription to the label, the directions match. The medication is in date, is the correct strength, quantity. Making this is all correct prior to giving to the checker to be checked.
Tell me a little bit about yourself.
As a pharmacy technician I place great amounts of attention to details in all areas of my work but the area I probably attended to in most detail is the accuracy of the prescriptions that I input for my pharmacy.
My current job in a bakery requires me to be attentive to details for example when labelling the products it is important to do so correctly so that the correct information is on the product and so that they are sold at the correct price.
Pharmacist assistant,I placed in metro Manila & a great amount minimum.
Fragrance department ensuring stock were position in the correct way.
When I was working as a electrician apprentice. I had to make sure certain wires couldnt touch. And I had to hold things up for my dad could either tighten or loosin them and I would have to have it in a certain angle sometimes to keep things from breaking or collapsing on us.
This is my first job interview.
I currently worked at a perscription pricing acengy where I had to pay chemist and pharmacy's for the prescriptions that had been prescribed this took a great deal of attention to detail as I had to identify the drug and amount given and make sure the right amount of pay was given and I had to do this quickly and accuratley to a national guideline.
Worked in community pharmacy dealing with rosette boxes and care home medication which needed to have great attention to detail.
Working at OPA! as a supervisor,
Helping customers pick specific products that have to be tailored for their specific skin needs.
In my current job I was completing perscriptions in order to help the pharamcist in which my attention to detail on the medications and their dosage and the brand of medication had to be exeptional.
An example of a job I had that placed a great amount of attention to details is being a Complete Goods Analyst. In this position, I worked customer shortages and in reviewing the shortages I confirmed the parts claimed on the shortage request was actually on the order before I dispositioned the request.
I have worked for a flight refuelling company where I was in charge of stock control for all aircraft parts, from ordering to allocating. I have owned my own shop and am currently a part time director of a windscreen replacement company.
Clinical Biochemist in a hospital set up.
Was working in Front desk hotel, and a customer needs a room, but all housekeeper works went to lunch, so I went to the room and prepared for the guest.
What are your resposibilites.
At my recent job as an eyebrow threadist, I had to be precise on each eyebrow to make sure that they were equal and the exact same. Even one hair would make a difference and I had to pay a lot of attention to my work/
My current job at the moment as a Pharmacy ATO in aseptic means I have to pay attention to detail even with consent distractions and under pressure.
When I worked at Levi's we were always having to listen to customers and find out there needs. Listening requires attention to detail because you don't want to miss out on the important facts. Just as a pharmacy tech you want to listen toy our manage or supervision to ensure you know what direction to take and not mess and details when it comes with dealing with meds.
Every job I have had, from being a lifeguard, ensuring the safety of the members of the public using the leisure facilities to being a pharmacy technician, ensuring that medication was safely dispensed for patients and that clinic staff knew about medication and any supply issues.
When I was a pharmacy tech.
The job I am currently in. Attention to. Detail is vital when dealing with patient medication. Specifically when creating labels and selecting medication.
In my current job I process large numbers of bets every day as well as managing cash and card payments, deposits and withdrawals of large sums of money from accounts. All of this requires me to be focused but able to multitask and correctly complete each task in an efficient time.
Every shift I work I have to place a great amount of attention to details. You always have to triple check calculations on dosages and check behind pharmacists. Every set of eyes can help to stop errors.

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