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What sales experience or training do you have? Would you be willing to get additional sales training?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Personal Trainer interview

As a personal trainer, you must promote yourself! Working in a gym environment, you will need to be able to talk with members about why they will benefit from sessions with you. If you have no sales experience, respond with an enthusiastic, "Yes, I would be happy to get some training!" Prepare for your interview by thinking about how you would sell your services. How would you approach a client? How would you talk about your training sessions?
Basic answer example
"Yes, I would be happy to get some training!"

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What sales experience or training do you have? Would you be willing to get additional sales training?
Have got 6years sales experience cause my professiona is all about sales.
No professional sales training. Of course, I'm a sponge thats willing to take in as much as possible and I'm very open to learning.
I have not had experience yet but I am more than willing to get training.
5 years sales experience at a boutique type store-products and services.
I 'm personal trainer and I canlead the aerobics classes and other fitness exercises.
Not a lot. I worked at Pizza Hut for a year and was great there. I sold the specials correctly and advertised everything I could.
Not a lot. And yes i'm interested.
Don't have sales experience. Yes.
Yes I would be happy about that. I have not got experience like that.
My role at gap was very sales based and oriented. I enjoy a sales goal. Willing and happy for more training.
I have 3 years of sales and marketing and of cause additional knowledge will be good.

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