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What is your personal experience with fitness and working out?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Personal Trainer interview

Share what you're working on now. If you are training for a triathlon, talk about your goals and how you are working to achieve them. If you have tried many different forms of exercise, share what you have found helpful. Are there any myths you have uncovered about exercise that you can talk about? The interviewer wants to be sure that you are the kind of trainer that will take care of their own needs as well as helping others. You will be expected to lead by example.

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What is your personal experience with fitness and working out?
I have been working out and training since my high school days of playing football. I continued through college, and studied personal training in college.
I started working out in high school to improve my volleyball skills and I continued into college.
Begn training around 18 years old and havent looked back since.
I was a grappling student. This kept me motivated to stay strong and flexible. I enjoyed functional fitness. This type of training is transferable and made everyday tasks and my sport easier.
Have worked out for 5 years.
At the moment I am concentrating strictly compound movements. I. E. Deadlifts, squats, bentover row, bench chest press amongst others. I have gained 12 kg in the last 6 weeks. after this program I will move onto bodyweight exercises done in high reps with little breaks and more controlled movements to build muslce aswell control better movement of my body. i have gained strength, size and have improved my speed in moving through skipping.
I love to work out be healthy its a life style.
I love fitness and work out as much as I can . In my opinion it is a great start to the day . Sets you right up.
I've been working out for over 6 years myself and I'm planning to start competeing.
I have taken part in numerous triathlons and running races and I tend to train in the gym 4-5 times a week.
I was 18 kilos overweight.
I call my self fitness because if I don't work out I feel incomplete and I believe as a trainer I should be a role model someone a client will look up to be like so I work out always.
I used to be this fat kid that was self conscious about everything. I started working out since my freshman year in high school and everything else has been better.
I work with a s&c coach for my sport and he loves what he does, I figured since im very passionate about it as well why not turn it into a career.
I have been working out for most of my adult life. It makes me have more energy and feel confident.
Regular exercise, running 10 k.
I have been working out since a teenager and have never stopped.
Sport always was important for me was running I did aerobics classes and since 3 years I m in love with bodyboulding.
I have exercised since I was very young. It is my passion to be fit and healthy.
I started off by training twice a week, eventually increased to 3 times a week and now today I train 4 times a week for 60 minutes. And once on my own. I play rugby league and I go on regular runs with my canine campanion.
I enjoy working out, and wake up every morning at 5:00 to work out. It has become something of a ritual yet a way where I find peace, and have fun at the same time.
Been training for 25 years.
Professional rugby player for 9 years.
My personal experience is if you are keep going to gym you are able to lose weight get toned or shaped.
Great I learned a lot of thing.
I used to be really fit as a kid - I did karate for years. I also like swimming. Then I went to Uni and it all stopped! And then around the age of 25 I got back into things and so thats been for the last 8 years. Initially I felt skinny weak and unfit so I just went to the gym and tried everything and it soon became a habit because I saw results. Then I started to look into things a lot more, improved myself and helped others. It made sense to me to want to do this as a career.
Fitness is a life time decition while workout is training without any direction.
Fitness is commitment that goes with you everyday of your live workout is more like whenever you feel to visit a gym.
Get fit and get confident.
I train regularly. 3-5 times per week. I cycle to and from my current job. And run frequently. I love every aspect of what I personally do.
I have been into fitness and being healthy since I am 12 years old. It makes me feel better about my self.

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