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What do you know about our gym?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Its a high intensity interval training center. The 30 minute boot camps are perfect for busy life styles. You also provide nutrition consultation.
You are the leading personal trainer management company. You have 700 trainers across 400 gyms at 54 locations.
It is a luxury gym where the whole family can come and enjoy some activity.
It's a start up in Doha with a special touch.
Been open for over a year, memberships are month-month and yals gym is beautiful.
Division of a larger company. Goal driven to help people achieve their goals and stay healthy.
I exercise a few years and I know the whole equipment in the gym I love working with people and I would like to gain more experience working in a place like this.
I know that it it a circuit training gym, which means that the workouts are short but intense. This is the best way to lose the most weight because you are buring calories much faster and the revovery period is faster as well.
You have excel yor expectation since the beginning and your equipment's are the best.
I know that it was founded just in 2012, less than 10 years ago and is already grown nationally with locations in Perth as well which is crazy. One of the reason I was so drawn to this company, I'd actually received anotehr interview for this same day at the same time, was how professional just my short experience I've had up until now. I love how structured the process is and how you keep us notified and informed. Not only that, I'm also so interested in the monthly upskilling workshops and team training. Just from the small amount I've seen I can really tell Rapid is more like a family than a company and that the company really does care about their employees, something thats really important to me. I believe behind anything successful is a whole team of people working cohesively together, but more importantly, really enjoying themsleves, those with a real passion.
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