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Tell me about your customer service experience.
You will be working one-on-one with clients and building relationships with them. Your prior customer service experience will help you to communicate effectively with customers and understand their needs.
Answer examples
"Through working in restaurants I learned how to handle difficult customers and keep a positive attitude. Everyone wants to be heard. I learned to be patient and listen to customer needs to give them consistent service and make sure they walked out happy."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about your customer service experience.
Working at QFC and helping people who might not have always been greatful.
Currently work as a fitness instrucotr so have experience of customer service with a fitness setting. Also have worked in retail for over 6 years dealig with customers on a daily basis.
I worked in fitness industry for 3 years, I have had constant relation with customer service.
In the past I have worked retail and I have been a cashier at a grocery store and that was lots of customer interaction.
I have years of customer service experience, dealing in complaints, going the extra step for customers.
I have been in customer service industry for the past 24 years.
Working in schools as an administrator required good constant communication with parents. also as a supervisor of a child care centre the service we provide has to be excellent.
I have proven customer service skills . An job I have had is customer service related, I am a good peoples person and present myself well.
Managed a gym setting before and worked at a front desk for a gym.
I've been working in a store where customer service is key.
I have worked in a number of shops, volunteered at a gym and worked at a helpdesk.
Been in the industry for 10 years and dealt with over 5000 clients.
I have many experience with customer good and bad but my calm good attitudes help me manage their situations which at the end of the day we become close friends.
I worked with patients at the hospital, I was a clerk for a dvd store, and in those jobs, I would be talking to the customers and ensuring that they were satisfied.
Gm of La Fitness for 2 years.
I currently work with recruitment and meet a lot of people.
5 years as a sales associate for small baby-parent oriented company.
In my medical profession as well as retail along with fitness.
Still working with people talking about their healthy eating and physical fitness.
I worked with customers for a year at Pizza Hut. I am very good with people.
I've worked retail for a while now, Mcdonalds, Bp and being a barista have all helped me learn skills required for great customer service.
I worked with people with developmental disabilities, worked as a waiter during rush hours, and taught as a tutor.
I've worked in a Hotel and on reception at various companies.
I am a chef so I have quit huge experience about that I need communicate and focus on customer every single day.
Lots! my first proper job was a manager at gap in bath. gap is focussed on customers and trained me how to be the same. i think its also a sort of personality thing - im not someone who goes to my gym as a member and ignores people or doesnt help someone. Its not something I have to switch on.
I have at least 4 years of customer service commmunication skills empathy listen more talk less.
I have 6 years of empathy, guest engagement ,
I have 3 years experience in a customer service role and know what great customer service involves.
I have over 20 years experience in customer service.