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How would you define great customer service?
"Identifying the customer's needs is the first step to great customer service. Once I understand their needs and wants, I can assist them much better. Next, give the customer what they need with a good attitude. Always work to exceed expectations when you can!" Give a definition that shows you understand customer service and what it means to go above and beyond. You can also give a specific example of a time you gave excellent customer service!
Answer examples
"Identifying the customer's needs is the first step to great customer service. Once I understand their needs and wants, I can assist them much better. Next, give the customer what they need with a good attitude. Always work to exceed expectations when you can!"

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User-Submitted Answers

How would you define great customer service?
Listening to the client and assisting them to the best of your ability within company policy. Never make a promise you may not be able to keep.
Great customer service is about the client experience. The client needs to share their concerns. The employer needs to listen and offer the best possible solution.
Great customer service would be welcoming, willing to help you, good listening, and informative.
Understanding and compassionate.
Doing more than is expected of an individual. Checking up on clients during the weekend. Opening up a newsletter emailed to your clients via email once a week on tips and advice.
To anticipate what the customer wants before they want it. And try to satisfy them.
The customer Finds what they are looking for.
To be positive and approachable. Understanding and encouraging. demonstrate the difference between won't, can't and try.
Smiling, fast problem solving and always keeping the client as main focus.
Good listener, helpful, communicate with people.
Friendly, reliable, professional and consistent. Communication is also extremely important; the customer must feel that they have been given all the necessary information available.
Great customer service is being friendly and getting to know the clients. This way, they will feel more confortable with the program, especialy if they are not the most fit.
I can define it as a well welcoming mood of expression toward a customer, understanding the needs of a customer and helping to satisfy their needs and creating a good relationship, imparting a good impression in them .
Value for money and value for time.
I define great customer service by always having the members leave with satisfaction and a smile on their faces. If they do not I feel like I have not done my job and need to modify something.
A customer service is a way of addressing customers in professional way so they will feel happy businessing/dealing with you organisation.
When your client is looked after.
Great customer service would be listening to what the customer wants and fulfilling that. Being able to go above and beyond for the customer and to affect their lifestyles in a positive way.
No professional sales training. Of course, I'm a sponge thats willing to take in as much as possible and I'm very open to learning.
By attending to your clients needs in the safest most efficient way possible.
Always smile and be willing to listen carefully to one's needs. Be confident and enthusiastic.
Listen. Build trust. Respect. Connect. Provide.
Listening to needs of customer to create excitement, interest and retention.
Motivate the coustomer, help in realizationt his goal and improve technique exercises.
When the customer leaves feeling not only satisfied, but encouraged, that's when you know you did your job well. Also, I know I've done well when I have communicated everything honestly to the customer.
Great customer service is going above and beyond the customers expectations. Making them feel comfortable and letting them know you are there to help and that you really do care about their experience.
Making the customer happy - going that extra mile to make sure they are satisfied with the service and listening to every word the customer says.
Great customer service to me is when the customer leaves happy, not necessarily that the customer buys something. If the Customer leaves happy, whether or not they bought what your selling or not, they are more likely to come back, and/or recommend your service to friends/family.
Getting to know the person even a little bit helps you figure out what they want and then you go from there. It can help you figure out their needs exactly and then you can help them even better.
Always being helpful and friendly.
Listening to the problem and trying to find a solution.
To me great customer service is when you can motivate your client with a positive attitude and a smile. Showing up and being present on a consistent basis and developing strong relationships with the consumer is a must.
Listening to a clients needs and working with them to achieve their goals.
To work withh top atheletes.
A great customer service means to achive ther goals in time with positive result.
Going the extra mile for your client and really understanding what they want out of their sessions.
Great customer service comes from showing up for work every day with a smile on your face and a great attitude from start to finish. Always showing interest in your clients and giving them the utmost respect and attention.
Understanding the clients wants and needs ultimately leading to client satisfaction by any means within reason.
Great customer service try to make the client happy make them satisfied focus on them goals and work on that together.
Customer service reflect the company.
Treating everyone with respect and going above and beyond to help them.
One who give first priority to his client.
Exceeding a client expectation.
Listen, be polite, give solution, help to their target.
Truly listening to your customers needs and taking active steps towards meeting those needs. Customer satisfaction should be a priority as a personal trainer, as this will help you to not only grow your business but keep people coming back to you for your exceptional service.
Being able to connect with anyone that is infant of me.
I would say that I have great customer service. I worked at campus Recreation at UNC, and I was promoted to Zone manager within the 2 years. Zone manager is the highest student position at campus Rec.