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How do you grow your client base?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Personal Trainer interview

How to Answer

Give the interviewer an example of how you increase your clientele. You will be expected to sell your services to current gym members, and they may or may not provide sales training. From your experience, what has been the most helpful? Do you have any techniques that seem to work well for you?

"I work with the sales team to find out about new members. After someone signs up, I introduce myself and offer a free session to identify their fitness goals and see if it's a good fit. During this time, I get to know my client and try out different exercises with them to find out what they enjoy, what they need and what works best for them."

How do you grow your client base?
Answer example

"I work with the sales team to find out about new members. After someone signs up, I introduce myself and offer a free session to identify their fitness goals and see if it's a good fit. During this time, I get to know my client and try out different exercises with them to find out what they enjoy, what they need and what works best for them."

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How do you grow your client base?
I used very techniques, on of them is program, I stay dedicated to my clients and I suport them, I will increase my clientel in my own way, which is : tell them to work hard and stay dedicate, to believe in yorself, and never give up on your dremas etc.
Have an you tube page and do short videos on instagram and get clients to allow me to do before and after photos.
Adding Silver Sneakers type workouts.
I would make my presence known in the facility and offer free assessments.
Creativity of effective routine and planning.
Customer service to everyone at the gym. starts with acknowledging those around you with a smile and a hello to offering help to offering my service.
Face to face chats to understand more their need.
Instead of looking at clients as a paying personal, look at them as a friend in need whose life I could possibly change. On top of this just focusing on helping clients around the gym with technique advice and simply see how they are doing to build a connection. Also create classes and daily free tips and advice for members.
Have passion for what I do and have a good attitude, I would also ask my clients to send refferls to their friends and family members and reward those clients who do send out the referrals.
Positive attitude, discipline, determination, networking.
Proper form and breathing.
Social media, build up a website with testimonials, progress pictures. Show my vast experience in my personal life.
I'd use promotions, discounts, challenges to encourage more clientele.
Start a website and have business cards. Walk around the floor of the gym and talk to the members.
Social media, having clients leave reviews.
Offer better training solutions.
Create a package that includes both membership and personal training give discount to repeat client offer gifts for reaching personal goals.
Social media, diect selling, word of mouth.
Continue expanding my knowledge, updating my knowledge with the latest trends and newest emerging information. I believe the upskilling workshops will be really helpful for this. But also being able to be relatable to everyone, and developing a great relationship with all clientele. If one person has a great experiece with you, they naturally will tell everyone around them about you, automatically expanding your clientele.
Cardio, weight training, boot camps, strength and conditioning.
Offer the best service possible, clientele come from word of mouth or what they see of you out in the field, always be professional, friendly and approachable.
Be fun, creative and profits managae challenging sessions for your client .
Marketing and Networking.
Run promotions, 8 week challenges, help clients on the floor and introduce myself to potential clients building rapport.
Being visible, talking to members.
I would be friendly to all gym member and try to build a rapport so they have trust in me and will ask me to train them.
Social media interaction, bring a friend etc. Being personable and approaching people in the right circumstances.
Be approachable on the gym floor and always be willing to help anybody. That anybody could potentially be business.
To encourage sport in the social media and share their successes in sport and other transformations customers.
Encourage word of mouth by delivering results as well as marketing myself with specific training goals.
Good attitudes and make sure I help them achieved their fitness goals.
I will focus establishing a healthy and trusting relationship with each client so they feel comfortable referring their friends and family to me.
Talk to the clients and ask them how they're doing with their training, what their goals are, and if they are not seeing progress, ask them if they ever thought about having a personal trainer, offer two free training sessions to get a feel and to see whether or not it would be something they would like.
Create the right package for clients give free stuff for reaching personal goals.
Walking around gym networking.
Building a repo, demo sessions.
Facebook- texting- blogging.
Introducing myself to people, seeing if I could help in anyway.
First thing I will try to aproch them for trieal session then I will give some tips and will help to realiez where r they going wrong.
Building a repo, demo sessions.
Marketing myself through social media, radio ads, networking,
I would listen to what possible clients want as far as their fitness goals. And then I would tell them what I could offer to help them with their goals. B
Flyers stand by the door to promote.
Offer taster sessions and free consulations.
Discount package deals, offering group sessions encouraging clients to bring a friend. Use of social media to showcase and promote my business as a personal trainer.
I would volunteer at local events, enhance my social media practices, and focus on self developmental skills such as communication, etc.
Free taster sessions, group sessions, loyalty discounts.
I would ask my clients if they have any friends, who would need any help getting in better shape and employ healthy lifestyle.
Offer a free food program with every ten sessions booked. Share a pt lesson with a freind for half the cost.
I would workout at the club gym (if allowed) and develop relationships with consistent gym go-ers. If they need advice and help share with them the fact I'm a trainer and am willing to help them break their plateau's or even start working out on a more consistent basis.
I think the people needs to listen them understand them and help them anyway I would give few free hours first time our discounted sessions.
Finding a unique and easy way to make the process enjoyable for clients.
More about empowering them to motivate and change things up rather than me telling them what to do. I want to encourage self awareness and listen to their body. Not to over train, or under train. Know when to stop.
I would comprise the workouts with creativity and knowledge based on the comfort of the clientele.

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