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Give me three essential exercises you would have any client do? Why are they in your top three?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Personal Trainer interview

How to Answer

"Squats, lunges and push-ups. Each of these exercises aids in the basic functions of daily life. Strength, balance and coordination are all gained through correctly executing these exercises." Make sure you explain the reason you chose the three exercises by talking about the benefits. Think about how these exercises could help anyone, whether they are in shape or just starting to get moving again.

Give me three essential exercises you would have any client do? Why are they in your top three?
Answer example

"Squats, lunges and push-ups. Each of these exercises aids in the basic functions of daily life. Strength, balance and coordination are all gained through correctly executing these exercises."

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Give me three essential exercises you would have any client do? Why are they in your top three?
Push ups, cardio, weight training.
Strength, endurance, functional - they give balance.
Deadlift or squat, pushup/bench and row variations, paloff holds.
Squats-great full body exercise lunges-not only are they great for your legs but they are also great for balance planks- core strength is extremely important whether it is for daily life or exercise.
Chin up, lat pull down bench flies.
Plank, push up and jump and jack. All body weight exercises that arent too strenuous to the body.
The squat, the lunge and the push up. These are my top 3 because they are all functional exercise, doing these will make daily tasks we do easier. Example the squat improves ones ability to get up and down, the lunge mimics moving patterns of walking and the push up improves ones ability to pick themselves up.
Upper body workout with free weights, lower body workout with free weights and cardio in between (jumping jacks).
Overhead squat, a lunge, and a hurdle step. These are my top three because the overhead squat would tell me about their hips, shoulders, knees, spine and ankles. The lunge would show me if they had weak glute med, adduc./adb.; and ankle/knee stability. The hurdle step would tell me about hip alignment, knee stability, and ankle stability.
Pushup, Squat, Deadlift and their superior and broken down exercises.
I would have clients do push-ups, sit-ups, and jogging in place. These are the first ones you do on the assessment. PT session I would have a client do squats, arm raises, and leg raises.
Glute bridges, cores exercises, unilateral exercises. A lot of people suffer from gluteal amnesia, core is king - If you have a flaky core then nothing else is going to work particularly well. I like unilateral exercises because they address imbalances.
Exercises polyarthritis are the best for shaping because the one exercise running multiple muscle squat dead lift bench press.
Glute raises, plank, core exercise, band pull apart. All exercises that promote good posture and protect people from lower back injuries by strengthening core stability.
Squats, Bench press, Deadlift. All compound movements that exercise the whole body and they are my top three because these are the best foundations to any functional lifestyle. They can be transferred into everyday life and sports.
Pushups, squats, chin ups.
Depending on the individuals' unique needs, I will include aerobic (cardio), strength training, and skill training. These are my top three because these are the keys to achieving overall health.
Squat plank clean press because they involve multiple muscles.
Cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility work.
Push up, glute bridge. Stability ball.
Push up squat shoulder press push ups work upper body and core squat targets quads glutes hamstrings shoulder press targets upper back and shoulders.
Burpee, cardio, crunches.
Squats, deadlifts and core training because it works the whole body and you need a strong core for pretty much every muscle you workout.
Burpee, cardio, crunches.
Squats, push up, pull ups you can do it anywhere, workout your major muscle groups.
Chest Press, Lat Pulldown, and Squat. I would implement these because they are all simple, and they focus on larger muscles groups. Whether they are trying to lose weight or gain muscle these exercises would be useful.
Squats, push ups, lunges.
Running/cycling. Improving cardiovascular fitness is very important with many benefits helping to reduce many risks such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Core exercises, as we get older many of us suffer from back problems, particularly in the lower back area. Building and maintaining a strong core can help us to maintain a strong posture and prevent back problems in the future.
It would depend on individual fitness level, health status and goals.
Cardio is good for burning fat rotation is good for toning and squats for building muscle and toning.
Cardio workouts, strength and stretches.
Press ups, squat, deadlift compound movements.
Squats, chest press and deadlifts because they are functional, compound movements which involve all the major muscle groups.
Squats, chest press, reverse row.
Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press... Yes, though they are the hardest exercises these are the foundations to begin any workout, but because all three involve compound motions and workout multiple muscle groups if done correctly.
Squat, lounge, crunches I really like legs exercise most of them girl wants shape them buts and legs these are really useful really functional I would put some abs because people forget to work out on abs and this is key to get there shaped.
This would vary on the individual in terms of age, current fitness status, sporting backgroud and their aims/goals.
Id probably have to go with Squats, deadlifts, and bench press. They are all compound exercises working the entire body of which all three encorporate the core and stabilising muscles of the spine for overall muscle balance. For males, compound exercises also help to increase natural testosterone production compared to isolation exercises therefore seeing results faster.
Squats - many variations for strong legs, glutes, core - help with daily living. Also create an anabolic environment which helps the entire body build muscle. press ups - increase functional strength with full body activation and help strengthen core burpees - The burpee is a full body strength training exercise and the ultimate example of functional fitness. Arms chest quads abs glutes hamstrings.
Squat- multiple muscle involved Plank - multiple muscles involved clean press-multiple joints and muscles involved.

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