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Give me three essential exercises you would have any client do? Why are they in your top three?
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Push ups, cardio, weight training.
Strength, endurance, functional - they give balance.
Squats - many variations for strong legs, glutes, core - help with daily living. Also create an anabolic environment which helps the entire body build muscle. press ups - increase functional strength with full body activation and help strengthen core burpees - The burpee is a full body strength training exercise and the ultimate example of functional fitness. Arms chest quads abs glutes hamstrings.
Deadlift or squat, pushup/bench and row variations, paloff holds.
Squats-great full body exercise lunges-not only are they great for your legs but they are also great for balance planks- core strength is extremely important whether it is for daily life or exercise.
Chin up, lat pull down bench flies.
Plank, push up and jump and jack. All body weight exercises that arent too strenuous to the body.
The squat, the lunge and the push up. These are my top 3 because they are all functional exercise, doing these will make daily tasks we do easier. Example the squat improves ones ability to get up and down, the lunge mimics moving patterns of walking and the push up improves ones ability to pick themselves up.
Upper body workout with free weights, lower body workout with free weights and cardio in between (jumping jacks).
Overhead squat, a lunge, and a hurdle step. These are my top three because the overhead squat would tell me about their hips, shoulders, knees, spine and ankles. The lunge would show me if they had weak glute med, adduc./adb.; and ankle/knee stability. The hurdle step would tell me about hip alignment, knee stability, and ankle stability.