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Payroll Specialist Interview Questions

1. If an employee called in with a payroll complaint, how would you handle it?
Interview Answer:
What is the one thing people repeatedly commend you for? Think back to past performance reviews. What common themes have been there? Think about things your family has praised you for. What common things do they say you are good at? You will find your answer to this question in these things! Start off by telling the interviewer your strength, and share how other people have told you this is your strength. You might say, "My strength is organization. My past manager wrote this in my past two performance reviews, and my family always comments about how I am one of the most organized people they know!"

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Payroll specialist handles a clients payroll needs, and can advise them on the best practices. When preparing for this interview, follow up on your states payroll rules and have a great knowledge of payroll.

Payroll Specialist Interview Questions


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What have you done to improve your verbal communication skills?

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What is the largest payroll you have been in charge of?

Education Requirements

Most employers will require a bachelor's degree, however, an extensive knowledge of payroll or good sales skills can land you a job at most payroll companies, and extensive payroll training will then follow.

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Give me examples of the payroll reports you have prepared?

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What is a fiscal year?

Work Environment

Depending on the job, payroll specialist may have to travel to meet clients and to make new ones. Most of the payroll work is done in an office setting.

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How do you keep updated on all the payroll rules and techniques?

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How does higher management benefit from payroll reports?

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Why are you interested in this position?

Questions to Ask

1. Can you explain when you would want to pay an employee through accounts payable rather than payroll?

2. What qualifies you to be the best candidate for the job?

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We have 9 major union contracts, each with unique special pay items, How will you ensure that everything is paid correctly and on time?

Top 10 Payroll Specialist
Interview Questions

Payroll Specialist Interview Questions, voted the 10 best by our visitors. Created on February 22nd, 2016

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What salary are you seeking?

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Can you explain when you would want to pay an employee through accounts payable rather than payroll?

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Have you had responsibility for state and federal tax payments?

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What are the payroll inputs?

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What is the general ledger?

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If you have done bookkeeping in the past for small businesses, tell me about your experience doing that.

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What experience do you have implementing a new payroll system?

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Describe to me your familiarity with the administration of 403b or 457 plans?

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Describe how would you familiarize yourself with our payroll system?

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Tell me about the payroll forecasting you have been responsible for?

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From your past experiences, describe a typical payroll day?

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Define a bad employee.

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Do you plan to open up your own accounting or payroll firm?

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Each of our buildings has a designated payroll timekeeper, who reports bi-weekly. Two reports are late, what do you do?

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Can you describe the use of forms W2, W4, and 941?

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What cost-cutting measure have you been in charge of implementing?

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What sorts of things have you done to become better qualified for your career?

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There are times when we are placed under extreme pressure on the job. Tell about a time when you were under such pressure and how you handled it.

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Discuss your experience with payroll?

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What is retro pay?

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What are your future plans with the company?

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Describe to me a difficult situation at work and how you diffused it.

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What are the most important attributes a person should have for this position?

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What courses did you like the best in your preparation in accounting and payroll?

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What information do you require before you approve payroll?

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How did you get started in payroll?

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We spend considerable time editing our time sheets to ensure no errors, if you find one, what do you do?