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What are the payroll inputs?

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Written on July 1st, 2018 |
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Payroll inputs are simply the details necessary to set up an employee in the payroll system. These are items such as their name, date of birth, marital status, pay rates, vacation time, holidays, etc.

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"Payroll inputs are all of the 'ins' that go into a payroll cycle. This includes time/hours, commissions, paid time off (holiday, vacation, sick, etc.), bonuses and any other variables or forms of payment."

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Published: 07/01/2018
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What are the payroll inputs?
The payroll inputs are salary, allowances, acting, compensation a. D any other allowances.
Payroll inputs include monthly, yearly, adjustments.
Overtime. Shift allowances, commission, salary, medical aid, provident/pension fund etc.
Hours, paid time off, bonuses, sick leave, bereavement leave, jury duty,
Employee codes. Whether they are salary, hourly or monthly.
Employees salary, hourly rate, hours worked.
Name, salary, address, w-4 information, pay frequency.
Salary, attendance, leave, or other benefits.
Changes in salary, new joinees or resignees.
New hires, terms, changes to salaries, taxes, benefits.
Time worked, hourly salary, fica deductions and benefit deductions.
Hourly rate and number of hours worked during pay period.
Payment adjustments from hr financial areas, how employee fields are set up.
New Join and Resigned Employee information, Salary structures, categories and master data of them. One time payments and deductions, Recurring payment and deduction changes. Employee tax declarations and changes. Any other instructions like payroll reports to start with current month etc.
Starters, leavers, smp, ssp, spp amendments, redundancy, pension, court orders etc.
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