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Give me examples of the payroll reports you have prepared.

1 of 37 Payroll Specialist Interview Questions and Answers Written by Ryan Brown

Published July 1st, 2018
How to Answer

Start off by listing a handful of reports that you have prepared, including a high-level overview of what data can be found in the reports. Expand on this by telling the interviewer how you can manipulate data within your payroll system to generate any reports you are looking for, and mention that you can create reports in many formats including Word, Excel, and Adobe formats.

Professional Answer Examples
Answer example

"I am well-versed in preparing income statements, new hire reports, promotion reports, deduction reports, leave/ absentee reports, wage types etc. and if needed I can manipulate the data provided to me in any form and create reports in any format including Word, Excel, etc."

Answer example

"Reports are a large part of streamlining and ensuring accuracy of the payroll process. I run weekly auditing reports, total time and payments reports and financial reports to provide to my finance partner counterparts. Each payroll run, I also audit the inputs and track the paid time off updates for the organization. The reporting tool is great because you can consistently come up with custom reports to meet the needs of your work."

Written by:

Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown, is the creator of MockQuestions. He has over ten years experience creating interview questions. His website has helped over 10 million job seekers in their interview preparation.
Published: 07/01/2018
*Specific career answer examples vary on published date

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Give me examples of the payroll reports you have prepared.
I have prepared Time Labour Entry Audit reports that reflect Job codes, wages, Gl accounts, time repoting codes, rates.
Manpower report, absenteeism report, late coming report, leave report.
Change report, pre and post reports, employees not paid, leave etc...
One of the payroll reports that I prepared is the deduction listing, statutory report.
Time and attendance detail, accurals overage shortage, short hours, reports in query.
Accrual, 401K PTO insurance.
I have prepared overtime and bonuses reports.
Master data, payment transactions, month end reports, and vendor balance.
The payroll reports are custom reports.
Head count report and variance analysis report.
I never prepared payroll reports, but I will learn fast.
Employee lists, payroll report, quarterly report, as well as w-2's, financial statements as well as financial analysis.
On a monthly basis I would prepare the following reports, Monthly Analysis, Pay reconciliation, UIF return, EMP201 summary and detailed report, payslips, periodic variance and payroll journal.
I have created, a GL report, which provides the departments salary cost and this helped with keeping the department on par with budgets allocated.
Payroll detail by employee, earnings by department. Tax deduction by department. Cost allocation by project.
Tax reports, total payroll, leave reports.
Keeping payroll register, funding reports time and effort reports, deduction register for each payroll.
Name of employee, start date, date of birth, percentage of pension deduction, calculation of shift allowance, commission, base salary, employer contribution to the pension.
Payroll Register, Payroll Summary Report, Adds, changes, deletes report, Outstanding Check Reports, ACH reversals.
OSHA reporting, EEOC reporting, benefit reporting - VSRS, imputed tax reporting.
Certified payroll, hourly, salary, bi-weekly, weekly, direct deposit, 401K, garnishments, commissionable sales.
Salary Register, Bank statement, PF Report, ESI Report, IT Report.
Deduction reports, 401k reports, 940, 941,
Payment summary, payroll extract etc.
I'll start with fortnightly pay run reports. I do significant date report, transaction and audit report, summary of pays, fortnightly payroll report, EFT report, then come end of pay, such as costing report, addition/deduction, leave summary and liability, end of month, includes superannuation report.
New hire reports, Promoted, Leave/Absences/Tardiness/Undertime Reports, Leave w/o Pay reports, Approved Travel Reports, Deductions Reports, Adjustments Reports, Statutory Deductions etc.
New Hire reports, Wage Type, Additional Payments report, Deductions report,Separations Report, LWOP Reports, Leave reports, and other Statutory reports.
An example will be the deduction reports, payroll reports, payments report, statutory reports, bonus report, loan report.
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