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Why do you want to be a Parole Officer?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Parole Officer interview

The interviewer wants to hear that you are passionate about a career as a parole officer. Take this opportunity to share with the interviewer if a specific life event leads you to a career as a parole officer.

Basic answer example
"When I was young, a good friend of mine experienced a life event because of a criminal and I saw first hand how it impacted their lives and the lives of their family. I made the decision then and am carrying it out now to take a career where I could be responsible for monitoring recently released criminal offenders to ensure they are integrating back into life after serving their time. I take great pride in my work and am proud to be interviewing for this opportunity."

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Why do you want to be a Parole Officer?
I feel I can help the individuals that offend and break the laws. Sometimes they just need someone to hear them out and sometimes they belong behind bars. A parole officer should be able to separate the two.
To enhance the well being of others, and to help the imates adapt to a normal life after prison. Help them find jobs and connect them to services in their community.
I want to help offender transition back into the community.
This would provide me the opportunity to put my education to work as well as increase my experience with law enforcement.
To give back to the community and provide services to offenders that will allow them to be successful.
I want a career that I can enjoy and be challenged with one in which I want to retire from knowing that I have improved someones life and enswured the safety of citizens. I want a career that I can master and excel in. Being a Parole officer can be so rewarding the greatest reward is knowing that you Ive respected everyone and the case provided and ensuring that I was fair and consice.
Its great job and great opportunity for me. I like to work with people and advice them.
Parole work encompasses three major factors for me. My fascination with the justice system, hence my degree; my empathetic nature that truly wants to help people going through a personal crisis, hence my current job; and finally becoming a parole officer gives you the authority and control to stand by your decisions. I don't think any job can be fully satisfying when your actions cannot reflect your morals.
The job encompasses my fascination with the criminal justice system, while still allowing me to explore the more understanding and compassionate side of my nature. I enjoy the work I do now for that very reason, but unlike working for a specific bleeding heart mission, parole officers are allotted some authority that allows them to defend themselves from being taken advantage of. I believe all three aspects would compliment each other nicely and allow every day on the job to be different from the last.
I have always been attracted to the criminal justice system, but particularly the side of it that can take an active role in trying to help offenders avoid a life in corrections.
To help offenders return back to the community with the intensions of not committing a criminal act.
I enjoy working with individuals and trying to offer them a chance to better themselves by giving them skills needed to make proper judgement.
The joy of helping a client have a successful transition back in society.
Because I love being on the adminstrative side of Criminal Justice.
I feel as though I can help people want to improve themselves.
Because I want to give back to people who may have had a change of heart.
I have a passion for helping those in need, I belive I can make an impact on someone.
To enhance the well being of others, and to help the imates adapt to a normal life after prison. Help them find jobs and connect them to services in their community.
To help people make a better life for themselves the right way.
I want to help transition offenders into the mainstream society where they have the opportunities to be successful.
I want to make a difference in people lives. Knowing I play a role in the offenders lives is what keeps me driving forward until I achieve what I have set out to do.
I want to be a Parole Agent to ensure the public safety, assist offenders in rehabilitation, and allow me to further improve myself.
I want to be a parole officer in order to assist individuals make positive life choices.
Its a excited career in the criminal justice field working together as a team be out their in the community and relationship with other law enforcement agencies.
I love a new challenge and People with Problems are the highest Challenge. I love to help when I can and helping makes me more happy then bringing Misery to People.
I want play role in how we rehabilitate individuals within the system.
Great question! I like to help people in general. I truly believe that every ex-offender can have an opportunity at second chances and that is where the Parole Officer comes in. They help those individuals with interview questions, dressing for the interview, help them reintegrate back with their families that they once lost before going to prison/jail. Being a Parole Officer takes lots of work and dedication to want to help those individuals. Not everyone is capable of being a Parole Officer, but with my two and half years of working with federal offenders in a Re-entry facility, this is my dream to be a Parole Officer, to be able to continue my work with ex-offenders.
I would rate my education as good I recieved a lot of information form my instructors in school, and a lot of good on the job training from both my internship and my current job.
I want to be able to offer and help offenders reach their potential and be able to give back to my community.
I want to be a Parole Office to become a part of a system that I believe in- The United States Justice system. Seeing an offender become successful in their rehabilitation reaffirms my faith in the system.
I believe everyone deserves a second chance I could help.
To help people. This is a popluation that many people have ruled out. I know people can change they just need the right amount of motivation.
I would like to be able to make a difference in helping individuals rebuild their lives while also keeping the community safe.
I want to be apart of helping people become a good citizen and make our society safer place to live.
I would like to be a parole officer for the fact that I enjoy being able to, in some way, help them get through the criminal justice sysstem without too much stress while being a positive influence on htrem.
I never realized this until I started looking at job listings for parole and probation jobs that this work combines the two things I really I like. I like law enforcement, I really wanted to be a police officer for a long time, since about the age of 13 (when I was told I was a girl why would I want to that). The one aspect that I did not like about policing was that there was no helping someone or assisting people further. Maybe one or two people if your lucky. Even community oriented policing stops short of being able to assist someone in trouble get away from that and into some type of normalcy. The other thing that I like is helping people, guiding, mentoring...I loved the time I was able to spend with the clients at REM and Coastal Harbor. But those jobs had two major downfalls. I was in the same place day after day doing the same thing. At Coastal Harbor you sat and stood at the exact same spots at nearly the same time, day after day. That is not what I want I want each day to be different and not all in an office all the time. The other down fall was that the clients left and that was it my mentoring ended out in the real world. In Parole I can be with them in a sense as they go out and face the challenges that exist in their world and the world at large, it is not routine, it offers variety and a challenge that I have prepared for through my work and education up to this point.
To be a part of re-integrating offenders back into the society with the hope that they stay out of trouble and lead better lives.
I would love to be able to assist, offenders to make their transition back to becoming a productive citizen and law abiding.
Parole Officers work with others regardless of the crimes committed. They are here to offer interviews, go over policy and procedures, follow ups, attend court sessions and most importantly attempt to guide there clients in the right direction those that have been given a chance of freedom.
I love working for tdcj but I want to do more than just be a correctional officer.
I want to be a parole officer because I want to make a difference is the lives of my probationers. I want them to become better people for themselves and their children.
I want to be in a position to help people and make the world safer.
To give inmates a chance to start over.
To counsel and advise parolees to the best of my abilities and keep the citizens safe.
I want to monitor the progress of offenders, especially those who have been incarcerated. I also want to continue to promote reentry and cognitive behavior. Lastly, to help lower recidivism rates.
Opportunity to promote and work in a different inmate population.
I want to be a parole officer to help people realize that there is more potential in them other than committing crime.
I want to be that person that helps someone make it in society and succeed.
I want to help people realize their potential. I want to help them realize that they don't have to remain in the mistakes that they have made.
I have been working in corrections for the last ten years.
To help in protecting the public, enforce departmental rules, and rehabilitate offenders.
I want to be able to serve a community and assist people in positive manner.
I want to help youth get back on their feet, and give them hope that this is not the end of the road and there are so many options left for them.
After my internship, it was the only thing I wanted to do.
It's something that I always wanted to do and if I can help people to change their ways and to get on the right track and stay out of trouble it is worth it.
I joined the military to gain experience in a law enforcement style setting. I wanted to eventually make a career in law enforcement. Upon being medically retired, my hope was almost lost in joining the field of law enforcement. Then I found a job posting for Correctional Officer. I got the job at KSP and have been there since, and am now a Sergeant. All the while working at KSP, I continued my education using my GI Bill in hopes of gaining knowledge and experience and eventually moving to Probation and Parole. It is a goal I have set and I love the field of Corrections and just want to make a career out of it. I want to be in Probation and Parole because I have built my life around this goal and I love the field.
To help offenders succeed in transitioning to society.
Would like to play a role in the rehabilitation of those who are seeking a second chance in society.
I have always wanted to be a probation officer to turn young adults around from being in the streets it is an honor that I have always dreamed about.
I love helping others and holding clients accountable.
I want to play a vital role in the lives of unfortunate individuals in our community, be a role model to them and inspire them for a better live.
Something I wanted to do prior to my career in electronics.

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