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Do you prefer edging with tape, or without?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Painter interview

How to Answer

Some painters prefer to edge with tape while others will paint freehand. Talk about your preference and back your logic.

Do you prefer edging with tape, or without?
Answer example

"When I first began painting, I much preferred to edge with tape. Now that I have more years' experience I do prefer to go freehand. I am very skilled which is why I can do it that way. It saves time and I'm still very accurate."

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Do you prefer edging with tape, or without?
I prefer edging without as I have a steady hand.
I prefer edging with tape so this way I won't splatter paint.
With tape. I am also very steady and confident with my hand.
Typically without but some jobs require tape for ultimate detail.
I prefer edging with tape because that way I can ensure the best job possible for the customer.
I do prefer to edging with tape.

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