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As a painter, do you have any experience being your own boss? Handling customers and employees?
Being a boss or handling a team of painters could be a natural progression in your career. Talk to the hiring manager about your ability and interest in doing so.
Answer examples
"In my previous role, I led a team of 3 painters. I am comfortable managing a project, and others. Being in a customer facing role is no problem at all for me. I am very experienced and comfortable taking on a role like that."

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User-Submitted Answers

As a painter, do you have any experience being your own boss? Handling customers and employees?
Yes I have painted houses for customers and have had an employee below me need direction from me.
Yes. I still have a company but I'm not using it anymore.
Yes I do. Have done quite a few jobs on my own.
Yes, painting a private home.
Yes I've have a lot of self employed experience and managing a small firm.
Yes I've had numerous of jobs where I've had to work on my own and deal with my own customers, I've also employed a few decorators to work on a few projects with me.
Yes I have first contact with the customers.
Yes, I have. I have been able to handle my own customers.
I have 10 years of a boss . I have handle customers and employees.
Yes held a foreman position also been a general foreman position.
Yes I do actually not so long back when I got study leave from school I tryed setting my own little business so I could work when I wasn't revising called jm gardening services so I went and got my self some customers and then the more I worked for them the more jobs and recommendations they gave out so I had a strong business going.
Yes, I have my own painting business for 10 years.