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Why did you choose to pursue a career as an Optician?
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To help people with their vision.
The reason I choose career path is because of the love I have for eyes.
Internist to this career.
I believe it'll be a great opportunity to help improve the company as well as myself.
I choose the optometry field because I always felt an interest in the anatomy of the eye and how vision can really impact ones life.
I saw the work environment and duties watching my aunt and uncle in because (they are both licenced opticians) and I instantly felt that I would love to do this as well its a nice environment to work in and I am a very detail focused person so even the tiniest details matter to me and I think that would help me in performing the duties of an optician.
Because I enjoy dealing with people making sure they are happy.
I really love the work environment and being a very detail focused individual I feel that this is a perfect use of my skills.
I love working with people and helping them and this is the perfect opportunity for me to be able to do that.
Because without eye the is no life.
I entered this profession because of personal experiences. Myself is high myopic and my husband was diagnosed malign eye tumor when he was only 8. Therefore, it sounds natural that I can understand how panic and helpless people with vision problem are gonna fee and l I am so fascinated with using professional knowledge to help people see better. Also it turns out that optician career has reinforced my related skills including manual dexterity, detail- and accuracy-orientation, sincerity so that I have exihibited solid qualities of a fine optician.
Fell into it, was supposed to go to Opt entry school but took a detour. Tell story of mentor.
Started out of high school, enjoyed it so much I got certified and licensed.
I chose optician career mainly because of personal experiences. Myself is high myopic and my husband was diagnosed align eye tumor when he was 8 years old. I understand far easily than others how panic and helpless people with vision problem feel and my passion lies in helping people see better professional. It turns out that I exhibited solid qualities of a fine optician.
I have worked as a receptionist for five years for an optometry I have vast knowledge in the field.
To help people see better.
I started out as a receptionist, and just saw what a huge impact we have on people in the community.
Started as receptionist - then moved firward.
I enjoy interacting with people. Making them feel welcome and wanting my service.
I have previous experience for 6 years with vision works, and I would love to expand the knowledge to grow with the company.
Its a dream of mine to be an optometrist.
I enjoy helping people. Opticians are health care providers.
I enjoy doing frame style and help pt to pick wroght frame to feet pt's face also advise put which lense type is best for them.
I began my career at costco and at the time I was wanting to move out of the membership department and I have enjoyed it.
I enjoyed interacting with my customers. Making them feel welcome and wanting my service.
I always felt an interesting in the anatomy of the eye from how vision works to how it can affect ones life.
It is a very interesting career change and like the one to one with customers.
This is something that I fell in to quite by accident. Funnily enough, I haven't met anyone yet that chose to become a dispensing optician. I originally joined the practise as a receptionist and about 3 weeks in I wanted to know what all the information on the front of our record cards meant, Val, the DO and practice manager then explained that to me. I asked if there was a course I could attend to gain a better understanding and here I am today.
I started in the industry at an Opthalmologist office as a receptionist and fell in love with the industry. When my husband and I moved out west, I started working at an amazing optometrist office. When I started working in the dispensary I learned then that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
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