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Would you say you are an organized, detail oriented person?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Occupational Therapist Assistant interview

How to Answer

Rather than simply answering 'yes' to this question, be sure to talk a bit about what you do to stay organized and detail oriented. You could also talk about a time when you were complimented by a supervisor or co-worker on these specific attributes.

Would you say you are an organized, detail oriented person?
Answer example

"I am definitely known to be organized and detail oriented. I stay organized by taking notes and documenting in great detail. In my previous role, my supervisor often complimented me on my ability to stay focused and on task through great organization."

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Would you say you are an organized, detail oriented person?
I would say that I am organised in my work and if I wasnt I would hope that someine would help me if not.
I would say I am very organized.
Very much so I like things to be in order and love structure within daily routines.
I would agree with that statement. I think that in order to be a successful therapist, one must be organized and pay attention to the little things.
Yes. I take pride in making sure I can make my notes detail oriented to not be denied by insurance providers and have everything I need for a treatment so I am managing as much treatment time as I can.
Yes I like to think I am . I like to plan out my day and try to stick to my schedule.
Yes I like to make sure my documentation is accurate and on time.
I would consider one of my real strengths to be my organisation skill. I am meticulous when it comes to assessing and note taking whether this be verbally or visually.
Yes. I try to record things accuratly and I write things in my diary and also in my phone.
Yes I like to think I'm an organized person . I typically plan out my day and try to stick to it.
I am, I like things to be organized for not only myself but for my supervising OT to make the workplace more efficient and fun.
I try to be organized and detail oriented and am successful at it most of the time but I do fall short from time to time.
Yes. If i'm disorganized, I feel scrambled. I like to prepare for each session and have materials ready.
Yes. If i'm disorganized, I feel scrambled. I like to prepare for each session and have materials ready.
I am not a naturally organised person which is why I like to keep a diary and plan my activities.
I would like to make a plan for the following shift and prioritise my work.
I am very organised and punctuational, I take time to ensure everything is correct in my work.
I like being organised knowing that I have left the tasks ready for the next day and so that I am on time to outreach . I am able to go to someone's home and pick up concerns and be able to detail the observations for reports.
I am very organised in the job I do and it is extremely important that details are correct and presentable. I am a conscientious person who takes pride in their work.
Yes, with certain aspects of my life. With work and studying I like to know and plan in advance. I use to plan out the times I would spend studying for each asighnment at college and ask extra members of staff to work on specific days when I knew we would be busier than usual at work.
Very organized, good team player.
Id like to think so but may find it easy at times to.
I do like to be organized I like a plan and like to follow it.
Yes I would say that I generally like to be organised in what im doing and like to know that everything is in order.
I would like to think I am an organised person. I try to put thing into an order, and make a schedule and try and stick to this where possible,

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