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What is your one weakness, as an OTA?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Occupational Therapist Assistant interview

How to Answer

This is one of the most common interview questions so you'll need to make sure you have your answer rehearsed. Talk a little bit about what you are doing to strengthen yourself in this particular area.

What is your one weakness, as an OTA?
Answer example

"I would say that one thing I could improve on would be my knowledge of more difficult medical terminology. I have enrolled myself in a medical terminology course that starts this summer."

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What is your one weakness, as an OTA?
I am beginning right out of school.
Wishing I had more time to spend with each patiant to improve there skills that we are working on.
I tend to be very tediuos about my work.
Forming to close a bond with service users.
My weakness is prob listening to the patients longer than I should but I do feel that sometimes being I and hospital they need someone to talk to.
Always wishing I could do more for patients, especially conditions that can only be managed and let this increase my stress from time to time. Coping methods can include focussed breathing and training, spending time with friends/family and reassuring myself.
I believe one of weakness may be that because I am such a caring person I can easily become emotionally involved within my work which can lead to me take work home with me. However through my current role I have found having regualr supervison can help unload any issues I am having and allow me come up with stragies to prevent this.
My one weakness as an OTA would be doubting myself with some treatments ideas I come up with and not using them. Then figuring out later that was a great idea and I should believe in myself.
My compassion for people, I find it difficult to switch of when I leave work, I find my self thinking about what more I can do to help them, I'm working on this.
The weakness that I struggle with is that I find it hard to hide my emotions from my personal life, for example if I'm sad I find it hard to hold in tears or if I'm happy I find it hard to be sympathetic towards others. But since working and going to college I've been trying to find away to keep my self to my self and get on with what I've got to do and deal with personal matters at home. I try and over come this by making the best out of a bad situation for example whilst I was on work experience at Whitehaven care home I was having problems at home with my mum. And instead of going into the care home feeling sad and anxious I went in happy and lively and used the time I was at work for to forget about what I had going on and to learn and impact others.
Maths- I do hold a qualification but am doing a course to improve my skills.
Been out of practice for a while and may need a refresher course here and there.
I could be more assertive.
Lack of confidence in public speech.
One weakness I believe I have is sometimes I can be shy. Once I start to get comfortable I overcome it. I also have the weakness of probably talking too much. I am friendly and once I start talking you wont hear the end of me.
Not being able to say no, trying to work too hard to please people which ends up in missing lunch or rushed visits.
I'm not that assertive, which is important as why sometimes patients will not like their care plan.
Wanting to spend more time with patient.
Sometimes not extending patience to colleageus.
I have experience with people with Autism and special needs but never worked within this department before.
Can be overly self critical at times.
Becoming too personal with the patient. I am working on developing a more professional relationship with my patient.
I have had trouble in the past with time management but have since began wearing a watch with a timer and stopwatch which has solved that weakness.
My weakness would have to be over or under communicating with a patient. There will be some patients that I could sit and talk with all day long and not be able to complete my treatment, or some that may be difficult for me to begin a conversation with.
Sometimes cannot do more for the patient.
I would say that my weakness would be public speaking.
Taking too long listening to clients.
My weakness at the moment is that I dont know what equipment, we use, what brands are prefered etc but this is something I will focus on learning as soon as I can if I get the job.
I'm soft spoken, so my patients sometimes have trouble hearing me when I'm talking with them.
Sometimes I tend to work during lunch time and miss my lunch, I am aware that I need to organise my time so that I am able to allocate some time for myself.
One weakness as an Ota is that I overly excited for a patient to achieve their goal.
As an OTA I believe I have one weakness that I give too much attention to single task as I do it whole heartedly due to which it becomes difficult for me to manage time and may disrupts my work family balance.
My weakness would be with organization. I like to make sure I know where I can get to things and sometimes that takes up too much time.
I believe my weakness is that I tend to think about clients as I go home.
Have a tendency to listen to people for too long which can lead to me running late.
I am so driven that sometimes I forget that I can not do everything myself, working with the team has made me a better OTA, by providing me with the opportunity to gain experience and share knowledge from others.
Sometimes I am so focused on the task I am given, I noticed on several occasions that I missed my lunch, I need to organise my lunch time in future as I need to be more productive and energetic in order to provide effective interventions and be more productive to my team.
If I was an OTA, I would say one of my weaknesses may be keeping things tidy after use.
I feel that my one weakness may be my lack of experience in certain areas of our profession. Due to my recent graduation, I have not had the opportunity to work in all area however I am dedicated to furthering my knowledge and a quick learner.
Trust everyone unless proves otherwise.
Wish I had the time to do more and sometimes its hard not to get emotionally involved.
I am very detail oriented, which I know can be a good thing. However, sometime I get distracted by small, irrelevant details, and it causes me to take longer on certain tasks than might be necessary (such as documentation). I have learned to remind myself to focus primarily on the large task at hand and prevent myself from take unimportant steps to get there.
My one weakness as an OTA is learning to not get emotionally attached to clients stories.
Sometimes I work during lunch time and I am aware that I need to manage and prioritise my lunch time, to be a more efficient and productive team member.
I can talk too much and get sucked into talking to the patients for too long.
Knowing when to be assertive.
I can distracted easily with side details, although I am working on it, concentrating more on things that I need to do.
I want to help everybody and sometimes you cant.
I do not like to be defeated and will keep trying.
Spending time with patients.
Managing my schedule while helping with all of the impromptu needs that arise.
I feel that my one weakness would be my tendency to pay attention to the small details. I like to make sure every little thing is right before I move on to something else. It may take me longer to complete a task than someone who rushes through, but I know my work will be done correctly.
I've lacked patience in the past but I've been working on this aspect of myself.
I am aware I do need to learn more however I am I fast leaner and can put my pervious science based degree to use in this field.
I have never really thought about that. I always look at the positive side of things.
I sometimes take on more work than required.
My inexperience due to being a fresh graduate.
Getting attached to people.
Critical of my own work and particular of work area.
My weakness is prob listening to the patients a bit to long but then I feel that its important that they can speak and trust you and feel comfortable in your company.
I tend to get too attached to my clients.
I have a tendency to be alittle shy but I come out of shell fairly quickly once I get on my feet and I know what im doing.
Getting attached to patients.
My one weakness is being a perfectionist.
My one weakness as an OTA would be dealing with difficult situations that include patients that will not participate in activities that I have planned.

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