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What do you not like to do as an occupational therapist assistant?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Occupational Therapist Assistant interview

How to Answer

It is absolutely okay to not love every single detail of your job. When answering this question it is best to be specific. You will want to avoid brushing a broad stroke and saying something like 'I dislike documenting' - since that is a huge part of your role as an OTA.

What do you not like to do as an occupational therapist assistant?
Answer example

"There are so many aspects of the job that I love so much, and they outweigh any negative. If I could pinpoint one thing, I would say that I disliked administering electrotherapy in the previous clinic I worked at. The equipment was a bit intimidating to me as it was older but I worked through it with the assistance of my Occupational Therapist."

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What do you not like to do as an occupational therapist assistant?
There isnt anything apart from the paper work.
Maybe the paper work but even that I liked there is nothing I don't like about an Ota.
Not much on the ot side think more the restraining process that I belive will be in place. Only as I don't really like confrontation.
There isn't anything that I have found I dislike doing.
I can't think of anything at this moment. There is still a lot I am learning.
I would like to help people, develop new skills,
Paperwork! I know it is important but I feel like that is the most time consuming part of my day when I could be treating instead.
Observing patients trying to be independent with a task an getting upset if unsucessful.
I don't think there has been something I didn't like about being an OTA . Is a challenging job, however it can also be rewarding. Well maybe all the paper work.
I don't like it when my clients do not progress. I don't like it when I have to tell them they are being discharged or cut by insurance due to lack of progress.
Speak publicly or share my experience on a work shop in front of a lot of people.
I have not found anything that I have not enjoyed as an to assistant. I find some things more challenging but I enjoy stretching and developing myself.
Ot being able to help some one who needs I t.
I like to participate in any task I am given and be part of the team.
I can't really say there's anything I wouldn't like to do, as not been in a role as such. However maybe extensive paperwork that may take time away from focusing directly on the patients needs.
I am quite flexible and like to do a variety of tasks. I have looked at what the job entails and can't see anything I would not mind doing.
I like everything in my job.
Not collaborate with supervisor and other disciples, simply following.
I don't like hearing a patient doubt their self because I know that they can achieve their goals with a little bit of practice.
I might not like to see wands and injuries.
I don't think there is anything I do not like as this would be a varied job with a mix of face to face interaction, research and report writing.
Cannot think of one particular thing probably not having confidence in myself although I am quite good at learning.
Having enough time to seeing patients for longer, with the work loads getting bigger.
Probably my worse thing is all the paper work.
Seeing when a patient is discharged or passes.

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