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What do you like most about being an OTA?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Occupational Therapist Assistant interview

How to Answer

The interviewer is asking this question to hear how your career has been fulfilled and on a bad day what keeps you going.

What do you like most about being an OTA?
Answer example

"There are so many aspects of being an OTA that I love - it's difficult to choose. I do think that my favorite part is knowing every day that I have the opportunity to help someone. Creating a connection with our patients that are long-term is also really exciting for me."

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What do you like most about being an OTA?
I like the end result of the help I have assisted to give and enjoy learning about peoples lives thoughout.
The chance I get to improve others lives.
I love how challenging and creative this job is-every day is different.
Various treatment options with the ability to use my creative side to complete goals.
Again is the satisfaction I get when someone has met their goal of becoming independent and returning home to their private residence.
Being with people and being able to improve their life. It gives me a warm feeling when I have helped someone. The job is challenging and I like to stretch myself.
Working with the client group, being involved in activities and helping them with every day living skills.
Seeing the progress of the treatment that has on any patient and seeing the patients enjoying their life and gaining their independence back. Taking control on their life.
Assisting patients to achieve there goals.
The experiences, meeting the children and families,
I love helping people, I love being creative and continuous learning.
I have always enjoyed working with people young and old. I like getting to know people and I learn from them as much as they learn from me. I like to think I make an impact in peoples lives after they have worked with me.
I have always enjoyed working with people young and old. I like getting to know people and I learn from them as much as they learn from me. I like to think I make an impact in peoples lives after they have worked with me.
I like helping others and being creative while teaching compensatory techniques and treatment sessions keeping my clients engaged and working towards their safe Independence to return to their homes and the things they like to do.
I love how rewarding it is to help improve or maintain my patients lives.
I like being hands on and dealing with a variety of patients.
Working with people and seeing them back in there homes with there families.
Helping people to regain their independence and their confidence.
Communicating with the patients and their care givers and understand their physical physiological and emotional needs.
I like thinking of new and creative treatment ideas for my patients that help them achieve their goals.
Seeing people become more independent and happier.
I like the difference I make in an individual's life.
Having the opportunity to work closely with patients and listening to their needs. Giving them support to improve their quality of life through their rehabilitation needs. Logging on-going assessments and up dating reports.
I'm not yet an OTA, But again I feel it would be providing therapeutic sessions for people who need it. Being able to be creative and supportive for people in need.
Meeting people with different needs and helping them as best I can. seeing people having better quality of life.
Helping people and learning/figuring out the many different ways to complete one task that will never be the same for the next person.
The fact that I could give my help and support to the OT job and contribute in the realization of any rehabilitation programme.
Supporting patients gain independence and improve quality of life and health and wellbeing.
By working as a team supporting each other.
The challenge of the day no two days will be the same helping patients see and achieve their goals getting them back to their day to day life coping as best they.
Seeing the difference I've made to somebodies life.
Learning somethng new everyday meeting new faces.
The ability to be able to help people regain there confidence again and being able to come up with creative ways of making some tasks simple easy especially after an operation.
The things I like about being an ota assistant is that I can interact with the patient to inprove and restore there confidence to be able to either overcome difficult challenges that may occour.
Working with the patients and my colleagues and the cvhallenges that it brings.
Meeting people and progressing patients.
Being able to work with and help different people in different situations. I think the job satisfaction will be brilliant and that it makes and incredible difference to patients that need it.

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