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How should an OT and OTA function together? In your opinion.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Occupational Therapist Assistant interview

How to Answer

Take some time to think about an OT that you worked with previously. What was the best part of the working relationship? Give examples if you can.

How should an OT and OTA function together? In your opinion.
Answer example

"In my current role, I have an excellent working relationship with my OT. She gives me direction at the beginning of the day and reviews the areas that she needed me to step in the most. I always appreciate the constructive feedback so I can become a better assistant."

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How should an OT and OTA function together? In your opinion.
They should have a good relationship in order to achieve a happy working atmosphere that will also enhance the service user.
In my opinion, their coordination should flow like water. The OTA should assist the OT with patients and let them know of any new information they may have gained. As both are working closely with patients.
I feel as though the OT/COTA relationship should be close. They should function as a team. The OT and OTA need to Trust each other and believe in each other and constantly communicate.
Work together and make joint decisions.
I think that they should be collaborating/communicating as much as possible to get the best possible care.
Cohesively as a team. A COTA can not be properly supervised without a cohesive and functional relationship with the OT.
They should work together and communicate with each other and exchange their information and plans.
It should be a collaboration, team work is vital in any job and within OT I feel it is more vital as this how positive outcomes can be achieved within the client base.
OTa providing assistance to an OT. Working together to reach a common goal that is beneficial for the patient.
Communicating an working as a team.
As part of a team. I see myself in Themis role as the old behind the scenes helping the OT to do their role most efficiently.
Closely, through in person, email or phone calls to review patients plan of care.
Closely, through in person, email or phone calls to review patients plan of care.
OT's and OTA's should communicate and collaborate often regarding clients on case load to ensure they are getting the best possible therapy and care.
In my opinion, communication is a huge factor into how well an OT and OTA will be working together. Mutual respect and trust between the two is very important.
Communication is key I think that working together produces the best results if both its and it are on the same page and work with each other's strengths and knowledge the the working relationship will run fluidly and forms a trusting partnership.
Working as a team and very good communication is needed.
Communication is a key factor. Daily updates giving feedback and working together as one unit. Attend regular training days and seminars.
I believe communication should be fluid through verbal contact, e-mail. I believe both should be approachable and available to each other and when required appointment should be agreed for specific updates.
They should work as a team. We are all in the same field and making people stronger is our number one goal. If we have any questions we should ask one another for advice.
The ota is there to support the ot and help deliver the service. The OT takes the responsiblity for the direction of the therapy and the ota carry out nessecary tasks to support the goals they have set.
OTA should support the OT by assessing and treating patients independently and also supporting other staff with the assessments . OTA should engage in other admin duties such as answering the phone handle small amount of money, keeping records of equipment stock etc.
I think that they should share their creative treatment ideas with each other, discuss the patients future plans and think of goals for the patients.
Both respectful of each other's roles. Working in partnership within their roles.
I believe they should function in a professional manner. Being close between an OT and OTA is great to talk about how the patient is doing.
They should work together as a team and they both should value the opinions of one another.
I feel that they both need to be working towards the same goal, so working together as a team.
An ota is there to assist the occupational therapist in any way possible. gather information, follow up enquiries and offer any assistance where needed.
The OT and OTA must have agood undertsaning of eachothers job roles and responsibilities to ensure they know what is expected of one another. The OTA should ask for clear clarification of any delegated tasks. There should be regular contact between the OT and OTA and any concerns from either party should be raised as soon as possible.
The ota taking the lead from the ot but discussing cases and beneficial implementations.
Its should be a relationship with open communication with both parties open to discuss any questions or concerns. I believe a OT should feel comfortable leaving the OTA with their own patients after the probationary period and have confidence in their skills as an OTA.
Collaboratively in all aspects.
By communicating well to each other and by building a trusty relationship.
The OTA should be eager to learn and listen to the OT. A strong profestional relationship with excellent communication skills is a must to ensure the paitentis treated the way they need. All in the all the OT is in charge.
Communication and team work. Listen to each others views and opinions.
In my opinion I feel Ots and OTAs should be able to communicate effectivly between themselves and OTs should delegate work for Assistants to complete within their role.
They should work as a team at all times always keeping the lines of communication open making sure that if there are any problems that they are soughted out together they should also feel at ease if there are any issues between each other that they can be resolved professionaly and not hinder their workihg relationship.
Work as a good team and cooperate well.
They need to collaborate and be open to each others ideas and op.
They should work in sync to help the workload under the guidance and support of an OT. This also enable early discharge of patients.
The ot is a qualified body they generally give you a plan with a patient and then the ota would follow up that plan with the patient and the ot should always report back with any concerns.
I feel that the ot makes the desions on a patients therapy and the ota will follow this up.
To plan treatment programmes that are effective for the individual and be able to work together to help the individual achieve their full potential.
There should be good communication and to attend assesments together so you have a feel for what is expected of you if you are asked to support the patient. Regular supervision and to report on patients progress.
They should have good communication and be able to discuss patient care plan and develop new strategies to help the patient.
As a tight fluid team with a joint goal which is to provide the best organised care one can. Good communication and listening with an open mind to ideas and strategies.Good organisation of assigned tasks and and a realistic outcome.

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