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How have you made your previous office better as an OTA?
Answer this question by telling the interviewer about one positive thing you brought to your last position. By highlighting an improvement you made you'll make yourself stand out amongst the rest of the candidate.
Answer examples
"In my previous office, I feel that I made things better through my positive attitude and willingness to take on any task. The patients really appreciated my cheerful disposition and my co-workers did as well."

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User-Submitted Answers

How have you made your previous office better as an OTA?
I took initiative to ensure all the OT equipment was clean and sterilized for the week ahead (I worked weekends.) Leaving notes for the OTA working during the week of who I had seen that weekend & what responses/reactions I had gotten from them. This communication between the two of us ensured she started her week off on the right foot & that all the patients were getting their treatment.
I bring a calm, hard working attitude and try see things from ever persons perspective in every situation.
Can say at the moment as Ive never worked in an OT office.
I was involved in wardrounds which is where the MDT help implement positive ideas for the clients, this was through the use of activity planners for each individual client and furthermore involved in training relating to the client group such as autistic spectrum condition training and personality disorder training so that I can work within a structure which can help the client.
Well I have quite a vibrant personality and I feel my collegues can relate to me well. I think I make the office atmosphere quite fun! I feel I have been a reliable and hard working team player.
Well I like to think that im outgoing and friendly and that im aprasochable.
By being approachable friendly and happy.
I have shared some creative treatments with other staff members. I am a positive person with a positive outlook and attitude which has been contagious.
I am not yet an OTA, but imagine I would by again working well as part of a team.
I get along with all my co workers and feel like I am a good team player.
This is my first attempt at gaining a position.
I have a calming influence on the team . I listen to their concerns.It has made the team get on better.
Yes, I believe I have worked well with my team and have been approachable to all my colleagues. I have made myself known as a hard worker and the consultant has sought me out on the ward to work with a particular patient.
Organisation and routine.
I have always been willing to take on any extra work or training which I think has helped business progress and also within the care sector to gain full knowledge of the patients requirements.
I have helped everyone as much as possible making sure everyone was happy and communicated with people.
Expanding my knowledge as a therapist and trying to be a cohesive group.
Commitment and being more focused on the tasks I am given.
By working as a team communicating to each other.
I bring a sense of humor, professionalism, good communication, flexibility, compassion, and creative ideas to my patients and team members.
I bring a sense of humor, professionalism, good communication, flexibility, compassion, and creative ideas to my patients and team members.
I have organised it! I love tiding and organising.
Taking time to get to know patients reading their notes .