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How do you typically treat patients?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Occupational Therapist Assistant interview

How to Answer

Your answer to this question could determine for the hiring manager if you are a true fit for their team or not. Be sure to read the company's core values or mission statement on their website. The interviewer can see your qualifications on paper, now they

How do you typically treat patients?
Answer example

"I am known to always treat patients with the utmost respect and kindness. From the research I have done on your clinic, you have a strong reputation for extending kindness to patients in your care. This is one of the reasons why I am so interested in this position."

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How do you typically treat patients?
With respect how I would like my family to be treated eith dignity and empathy.
With respect and kindness how I would like to be treated by someone.
With respect and dignity.
With respect and compassion.
Lots of patience and I do my best to keep it intestine and fun.
I typically did ADLS and some excersize groups. I did Rex therapy with some residents.
I typically use therapeutic use of self, meaning I gauge each patient and apply the necessary tools to improve the patient's daily life.
With respect, I listen do their views, opinions and wishes...I`m also patient and understanding.
It all depends on the goals, setting, and type of patient I have. I like to have patients be social but if it interferes with their goals or it isn't appropriate to be social in that particular setting, I like doing one on one treatments.
I like to treat my patients with dignity and respect.
How I would like to be treated. With dignity, respect, promote independence, encouragment, understanding and patience but also being realistic.
With dignity respect and as a individual.
I like to treat my patients with dignity and respect . I also like to help them feel comfortable in a new environment.
With dignity and respect. I always make sure I have concent, that they understant the treatment and that they are comfortable before I proceed with treatment.
I treat each patient with respect and dignity, exactly like I want and would treat my own family member.
With the utmost respect. I do not know how they personally feel so I do not pretend to. I make sure they are comfortable and well taken care of. If they show concerns or discomfort in the treatment I notify the OT as soon as they inform me of said problem.
With respect and dignity. I like to bring compassion, a good ear and lots of patience.
Mobility, self care, activities of daily living.
I am friendly and open with clear boundaries. I have a deep empathy and commitment to trying to help them best I can for their own personal needs. I also use humour in the right context and challenge when appropriate.
I like to treat patients with respect and support.
In a holistic way with respect and dignity.
With respect, kindness and compassion.
With respect and dignity, always remaining in a professional manner, but treat them as a person.
With empathy and compassion.
With care, consideration and cofidentiality.
I treat patients with respect and talk with them instead of down on them. I am epathetic towards all of my patients and this helps me to communicate with them better because I try to put myself in their shoes and I know that I would not want to be talked down to.
All patients/students are treated with respect and dignity on an individual basis.
With kindness & patience. Just how I would want to be treated.
Support them, listen to them, be confident.
With care, consideration, kindness and calmness.
With dignity respect understanding and with empathy and a great deal of patients.
With kindness, respect, dignity and empathy.
I would start off with looking at a patients medical history, then go and complete an initial assessment and they from there I could see what I could do with this information and how I could get this patient back to independent living with the guidance of an qualified OT.
I treat every patient with dignity and have empathy as there lives my have drastically changed due to circumstances.

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