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Have you worked with stroke patients?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Occupational Therapist Assistant interview

How to Answer

When you answer this question be sure to talk about a specific patient but do not disclose any confidential information about the patient or clinic.

Have you worked with stroke patients?
Answer example

" I have not had the opportunity to work with patients that have suffered a stroke. I have had the opportunity to work with patients that suffer epileptic seizures and through my studies, I have learned that the challenges are similar. I look forward to working with different types of patients and improving my therapy techniques."

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Have you worked with stroke patients?
Yes, watching pt's go from bed bound to walking out.
Yes during my fieldwork rotation. I worked with a man who fell because of the type of slippers he wore. He refused to wear the non-slip socks or a more safer type of slipper. I sat down next to him while he was using Dumbbells and I said to him, mr. So and so I need to talk to you about a concern I'm having. He said "ok what concern are you having"? I said well.... And I simply told him how the slippers he was using were unsafe and we are just simply here to help him get well and as much as we loved having him here, we didn't want to see him back at some point down the road and that he was there because of those type of slippers and if he were to change something so simple like the type of slippers he were wearing then there was a very good possibility we would never see him back with us again. He then immediately changed his slippers and from that point forward he never wore them again.
Yes. My best experience was with a patient that could not grAsp after surgery and by the end of her treatment she was writing her name.
Yes I have worked with many patients thoughout my career... The one that stays in my mind is a lady who was refusing all interventions, I managed to gain her trust and she eventually became more independant and returned home.
I have put on a service users night time music and he began to get excited about the song chosen. A beaming smile came to his face.
My best experience was with an autistic child that would only eat salty crunchy junk food. She did not like anything else so we had her kiss every peice of food on her plate just to try and see if she would taste something she liked. One day it happened to be mashed potatoes, she accidentally got it on her toung and realized she liked them. That was an amazing experience for me.
My best expereinces working with a pateints was during an acititivy I have develpoment myself. A pateint had come on to the ward with bupolar and was adament that he wouldnt need any kind of therapy and also showed signs of lacking in trust towards staff. However I mangaged to encourage thsis patient to join in with my activity of a mental health wordsearch and reflective questions, we were all sat round the table and patients with engaging and laughing with each other and this patient said how glad they were to have decided to join in as they felt happier and part of the community. This was a very rewarding moment for myself.
My best experience is see someone who was unwell leave hospital and living in their own flat and doing really well in the community.
Re enabling a service user who had a hip operation and going from a daily struggle to gaining full independence.
I have worked with patients before. My best experience was working with this woman with bladder cancer. She was in the hospital for pain and weakness. She was very depressed and lost hope. I went to see her twice a day and she would decline or refuse therapy. One day I went to her room and talked with her about her goals and explained to her that she's here for a reason and these are her goals and if she wants to change our route than we can, but I want her to be better and will work with her every step of the way. It took 3 long weeks of being declined and being yelled at during therapy to get her to be hopeful and proud of herself. She finally started doing therapy and thanked me at the end when she reached her goals. She told me she thanked me for not giving up on her when she gave up on herself.
Yes many though one lady whom I had the opportunity to support was one of my best experiences we supported her from her discharge from hospital at home she had a broken ankle I had spent weeks supporting her to learn to walk again she was a lovely lady and we eventually became great friends she was genuinely gratefull for the support our team had provided her with and it was satisfying to watch her finally walk again.
Yes, I have worked on the morfa ward for 3 years now.
I've done work experience at a care home before and I had a really lovely experience with one of the ladies in there who had dementia. I felt like we really clicked because she reminded me of my nan and I wanted to look after her. She often got destressed about her life that she could remember and instead of making a big fuss I would sit down with her and get her to talk about the experience and it would calm her down. This made me feel good because I felt like inward making a difference to her by listening to her father than try to distract her.
I have worked very closely with young members who have a range of learning disabilities & medical conditions. One of my best experiences was with a new member who had non-verbal autism and was prone to intense meltdowns if things didnt go according to his picture timetable. He was also very timid however spending two consecutive days with him, I was fortunate enough to gain his trust and he would always want to play with me.
Yes I have worked with patients before. I think the most memorable I had was a patient with L hemiplegia in her UE with limited ROM in her wrist and digits. I had been seeing her for a little over a month 3x a week. She would come in every day working her hardest and practiced her exercises at home. She had improved so much in such a small amount of time.
I've worked for three years with spinally injured patients and patients with brain injuries.
Paralysed and rehabilitated now is in pendant in wheelchair.
Yes, watching pt's go from bed bound to walking out.
A lady that had bi poler. She was not engaging with services offered. I was patient but firm and sympathetic to her circumstances. I pointed out recovery would be quicker if she hust gave things a go. She has now accepted a care package, befrienders and is going out in the community independently.
Yes I have, everyday is different to be honest . But my best experience has been working a patient that told me she enjoyed coming to therapy each day because I gave her motivation and a sense of accomplishment.
Yes I have worked with people with mental health issues, adults and children with challenging behaviours, children and young people at risk of CSE
I have not worked in a hospital before with patietns with mental health problems. However I have worked with individuals with mental health problems at the riding stables and the best part of this was seeing people improve week by week and enjoy the experience that they were having at the time.
I have worked with patients with many illnesses, taking time with each person to achieve their maximum perennial enabling them do manage what they can in small steps.
Yes, I worked with a 97 year old w omen who fell and broke her hip. I worked with her post opp, she was on a walking program and enjoyed her determination. I even had to remind her to paist herself she had such a great attitude and healed very quickly.
I work with patients evert day at my present job. As a senior carer at rehabilitation unit I help them to get more independent and confident with their mobility.
I actually have worked with parients before. I have worked in a nursing home in the past and as well as job shadowed an ota. With my experience in the nursing home I enjoyed making every resident I work with smile. Given the opportunity to observe an ota I was able to collect information that helped me further choose that ota is really what I wanted to pursue in. It gave me joy being able to witness those helping others. It also was amazing to see the relationships betweent the patients and the otas. You can see the fact that they are comfortable with each other and you can also see that they both get something out of therapeutic sessions. Not only the patient is helped with their personal case, the ota is given the satisfaction of being able to successfully work with their patuent and help then succeed and grow.
I have worked with diverse patient. My most rewarding experience is having the opportunity to work with stroke patients. I was a student Occupational Therapist and I was my role to participate in 1:1 session to improve patient active range of movements. This role allowed me to see a progressive change in the short duration I was placed there.
Torelly round, talked to this guy who was old and lonely, seemed very happy to help.
Yes, I once worked with a patient who has dementia.
Helping a patient to gain confidence so they can achieve there goals.
Helping to rebuild confidence and improve mobilty after a xar crash through teraphy.
Yes I have.. I have always wanted a career with children and studied childcare at college. As part of this course I spent some time with children's with special needs. It opened my mind a lot. I really enjoyed the experience and it has stayed with me.
Yes I have, during my volunteering hours and I loved, beacuse one of my patient told me I am the best.
Yes I have, watching a child take their first step in a walker and seeing the delight on their face. Getting someone in a stander where they can see the world at a different prospective is amazing.
My best experience was a patient who resided in the facility for over a year and believed she would never be able to go home because she couldn't bath or dress herself let alone walk to and from the bathroom. I earned her trust and eventually she walked out of the facility she resided in for the last year and went home.
My best experience was helping a patient through trust, compensatory techniques and AE become Independent enough to go home.
Yes I have worked as a health care assistant for 8 months and throughly enjoyed patient interaction.
There are many success stories from small mile stones to huge hurdles in reflection if I achieve one small difference each and every day this can vary from someone who has lost the motivation to get up in the morning to someone starting a collage course after years of feeling that they were not capable.
I get great satisfaction with team work an spending time communicating with colleagues.
Yes I have, my best experiences are when I see my resident return to their prior living situation . I also love to hear my patients tell me that they enjoy coming down to therapy and see what challenges inhale in store for them for the day.
Yes, when then patient was able to return to his/her previous functioning.
My observation hours made me feel so appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed helping people reach new goals.
Yes, I have worked with many children and young adults with ASD
Worked with many patients individually and in group work. My best experience would be having worked with a patient who at the start was very abrupt, self isolating and distrustful. By introducing myself daily and speaking to her gained the patients trust and developed a good working relationship where I was asked to accompany her to the care home to assist transition.
I having worked with patients clinically as a job. I have gain work experience with the physiotherapy team in pap worth hospital, and I can see remember this lady who had surgery the day 2 or 3 days before and was suffering from cancer and was determined to prove to everyone she wasn't ready to give up fighting and that she was able to do what ever she can. That day she had to do bike exercise to go for 11minutes and she did 20minutes. She was over the moon and couldn't believe she could do it.
I have had first had experience working with patients, volunteering at burscough euro, working on outpatient desks, as a supervisor it is my respo.
I worked with geriatrics as an activity director. The best experience that I have is when I get a positive reaction to a parient who is bed ridden.
While in my fieldwork at St.Louis Childrens Hospital I was started seeing a patient from her day at the hospital. She came in with Giene Barre Sydrome. She was an independent high schooler before her diagnosis. She had lost all movement in both legs and lost her bowl and bladder control. By the time I had left after my 8 weeks she had become more independent in toileting and was able to take 10 steps with her walker, with minimal assistance from the therapist.
My best experiences with a patient has been watching a patient accomplish an all that they were not able to accomplish before such as being able to dress oneself sans assistance, or being able to lift more weight than they could before.
Whilst working as a counselor I worked with a client who had eating disorders. We worked well together not only on forming a safe healthy eating plan, keeping personal CBT journals but very much in the here and now, where we looked at past, present and future blind spots in connection with relapse.
Yes new person with me came. Managed to assess client and provide aids such as commode, specific urine bottle and frame. Most importantly I managed to find special cutlery and plate that enabled client to eat by themselves which they thought they could not do.
Clinical setting: community stroke team.
.I work with special needs children.
My best experience working with a patient was when we successfully were able to adapt a womans home so that she could return home with her husband from hospital early. It posed some challenges for example having to get all the equipment she would need downstairs.
I was working with a resident that was working on standing endurance and we were working on a puzzle of the world and he started telling me about all of the places around the world that he has been to and all of the sights that he saw at each place. It was very interesting to hear all of the stories that he told me about each place that he's visited.
Yes, I have worked with a range of clients through different placements. I worked with a client who had a moderate learning disability and ceberal palsy. My aim was to promote his independence through his day to day activities. Completing a full assessment of his accommodation identifying the need for any adaptations and equipment that could make daily activities easier. Together we agreed on different pieces of equipment such as raised toilet seat, shower stool with grab rails to ensure that he was able to safely transfer and washing himself independently promoting his dignity and respect.
Yes I have,I helped him to him to believe in self to do his daily routine and activities.
I was able to support a patient who was socially isolated in the community. Following a modified interest checklist, I was found out present leisure interests relating to my client and organise activities for the patient.
No I just graduated but in fieldwork I worked with children who had autism and developmental delays.
Child putting his coat on independently.
Person with mental, talked though and listened to problems over time was able to overcome and made a new life for herself.
Yes, one of my best experiences would be all of the ones I have encountered. Every patient that I have cared for I have made a difference in their stay. I do my best go motivate, care, and understand from their point of view and I see that it makes a difference within the patient because they always tell me they missed me on my days off and look forward to me coming in.
Yes, I worked for more than 4 years with patients... The best experience I could recall is that a patient about 5 years old had an acute attack of asthma and she was very irritable to receive nebulizer therapy... She was difficult to control and was not managed by any nursing staff in the previous shift... When my shift started so rather then forcing her to receive therapy I inquired that why she is reluctant and not receiving therapy she told me that she wants to sleep but she is unable because of nebulizer... With the consent of doctors I stopped the therapy and make her sleep in a calm environment... When she falls a sleep I started nebulizer and that way she improved in just 45 mins... All in all my doctors and team along with family appreciated me that was the most satisfying experience of my life.
I completed an eight week fieldwork in a pediatrics school setting and worked with a child that had Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. He had a hard time following directions and completing activities within the OT room. He was paired with another student that seemed to motivate him. I worked with him on handwriting using the Handwriting Without Tears Program. He followed my directions well because I motivated him to work by having him color a sheet for each assignment he completed. Once the whole sheet was colored he got to receive a prize (e. G. Toy car).
I supported a man with downs. He needed more care so had to move him to settle in. I worked to enable the transition to be as smooth as possible. This was a positive outcome.
Yes, I have had a lot of clinical experience with working with patients. I have had experience in a SNF setting, acute hospital setting, and a school setting.
I have worked in the community as one to one for a family with two family members have disabilities. The best experience is when one of the family members gained enough confidence to deal with multi disciplinary team meetings.
My best experiences would have to be in the nursing home working with the elderly. Anytime I am able to accomplish treatment plans with patients that are the typical "bad" ones is very gratifying. For instance, there was this one gentleman that was very defiant one day to me and verbally abused me and I remained calm and polite. We were able to complete the session. The next day I returned and he apologized and thanked me for being kind to him when he was having a difficult day, needless to say the second treatment was more successful and enjoyable. We were able to joke around about his previous behaviors.
The best experience is when I see patients progress with the support that I have provided, for an example a patient used to be unable to access the kitchen and have no skills with preparing meals, after sessions with myself, the patient was able to prepare meals for himself and others.
During observations I got to work with this little girl. She was amazing. She had this personality of no one over ever meet. She was happy, smart, motivated. Thought she knew she was not like the majority of the kids around her she did not let that stop her from what she wanted to do. As I was getting ready to leave that day she was changing into a cheerleading uniform. Though she could not stand for long periods of time and without help she was determined.
Yes. worked with a stoke victim helping her with paractical day to day tasks and walking and balance problems.
Yes, I have in many contexts. Most recently I have been shadowing an O.T and together we ran a Come Dine With Me cooking course with 3 woman with a range of physical and mental disabilities. One lady in particular was extremely anxious when it was her turn to cook, mainly due to her lack of confidence in herself. To begin with, she refused to cook but through listening to her worries and reassuring her that I was there to support her when ever she needed it and by also pointed out the many strengths and skills she had, she decided to cook.
Yes, I have worked with patients before at my fieldwork site and as a CNA, and my best experience was receiving a thank you note from the family of a patient that I had treated for a while, and though she did not recover from her ailments, that fact that she and her family cared enough to think of me, tells me that what I do makes a difference.
Being a fitness instructor I deal with adaptions to exercise daily.
I have worked as a hca with a wide variety of patients with dementia and learning disabilities.
I work as carer with ladies with dementia. My best experience is the everyday interaction and relationship I built with the residents.
Yes, helping a patient recover from a CVA
I have worked in many settings as part of my training as an occupational therapist, the best experience was, I was able to plan and organise some activities for an elderly patient in the community, and it was a positive outcome, I was able to build a good therapeutic relationship with the patient and the patient was happy that she was able to bring a structure to her daily routine and increase participation and engagement in activities that she was unable to do due to external barriers.
Seeing a patient come in to hospital unable to mobilise or transfer then seeing them go home again with stronger mobility and their confidence back.
Yes I have, my best experiences are when you are motivated to help and are empethatic and receiving the patient satisfaction post.
I worked with an elderly patient who lived on her own. She was socially isolated and did not have a structure her daily routine. Following an initial assessment, I was able to generate an occupational questionnaire based on model of human occupation and organise some activities according to a her past and present interests, and that was a positive outcome as she was able to engage in acvities that she was unable to enage, she was happy and verbally expressed how happy she was.
I had an elderly woman who I was treating during Fieldwork who had extreme muscle weakness in her lower body after being hospitalized due to Pneumonia. As a result, she could not walk and was unable to go back home. We treated her for a few weeks, it was hard to really get her motivated to work, and she really didn't show any significant signs of improvement. The doctor pretty much said that by looking at how little she improved through the span of here treatment, she'd probably never walk again. Because of the lack of improvement, a discussion was had with the social worker about placing her in long-term care. As a meeting like that would, she was crushed. However, this meeting completely change her view on rehab. The next treatment session she cam ready to work. Within a couple of days she was able to ambulate with assistance to and from the bathroom for ADLs, sit up in bed, her improvement was quite astonishing. It really encouraged me to try even harder to get better at what I do and helped me to realize that I am making a difference.
I have experience with patients in the outpatient setting for an optometrist office, I specifically remember one patient who had a serious infection on her right eye, and needed to visit the office 5 times a week for two weeks. I saw her every time and towards the end she thanked me for making her feel comfortable and adding the humor she needed to get her through that experience.
Not worked with patients but coach in sport activities and enjoy seeing people achieve things and proceed in further development.
Yes, I had a student who refused to do anything, I finally got him writing his name on a fake check and watching him make three tries at his name made me feel great.
Aiding back to walking following illness in which partially paralyzed.
Yes I have worked with many patients, my favourite would be.
Made a good trustworthy relationship.
Paint came to the unit unable to eat or eat as she was so weak. With time, care and support she was able to eventually go home with 2 times a day care.
I have work in a work experience sense of working with patients. I have seen patients after an operation and seen them regain excellent independent activities of daily living and its brought such joy to be able to do these task safely.
I have never worked with a patient before, but I have observed a patient. My mother had to have occupational therapy for her carpal tunnel and I watched as the Occupational Therapist went through the exercises with her.
I have worked with patients, however, I work with claimants in the jobcentre. I support them by building self-confidence especially for people who have a disability and have been of work due to them.
I have worked with a lot of mentally and physically disabled children in my role in the Central Remedial Clinic, and the best experience was seeing how each individual was progressing with the assistance of myself and the OT's.
I have worked with many patient as I have been doing my job for 24 years my best exerience was working with a cancer patient that was told he only had months to live he went on to live 3 yrs and I actually rehabed him to enable him to look after himself at home.
Right sided hemi who was willing to work hard.
I worked with a old lady with dementia that was crying and nobody seemed to be paying attention to her so I went over and started painting with her to which she smiled and put the picture up on her bedroom wall I later made other staff aware she was upset.
I worked with a lady one time who had had a stroke and she couldn't control her hand. We were working on a puzzle and every time she got a piece right she would get excited. It gave me a good feeling knowing that I had helped her acheive some of her goals.
Yes, working within the community stroke team at The Royal London Hospital it allowed me to work with patients hands on independently. My best experience working with a patient would be, starting of with a patient who required three sessions a day to complete his wash and dress, lunch and tea prep. The patient was unable to mobilize independently and required close supervision of 1 as well as a quad-stick, having worked with that patient for months and seeing his progression was so rewarding. By the time the patient was discharged from our team he was washing and dressing, preparing meals, walking to local shops and getting on the bus independently.
Yes I have previously worked as an ota at a local hospital.
Yes. A pediatric patient would cry the whole session during a co-treat and I was able to console them and interact during play with them with no crying.
Yes, I have worked with patients before. One of my best experiences with a patient is actually with all the patients. I love to see the progress and seeing patients be able to do what they have been able to do before.
I have worked with patients in all of my placements I have worked with different conditions and I have experience in both Ota and pta. My best experience would be when I helped a patient get adp funding and they were able to get a wheelchair to help with the energy and mobility.
The old woman who had progressed with alzheimer's for 6 years, broke her hip, and got the most out of therapy by making gains in walking up and down the hallway with a 2 person assist at first, followed by the wheelchair, then a one person arm in arm. She was less than cooperative in therapy room, the gym, but when asked to walk in the hallway, she was all smiles.
I have worked with many patients and one of the best experiences I had was with a patient that had cancer and was given months to live they ended up living for 3 years longer and within that time I rehabed them to be able to live on there own at home.
I have worked with a variety of different patients especially elderly who suffer with dementia. A couple of individuals who I have worked with have been an amputee of the left or right leg and have had a prosthetic limb to help them weight bare and balance. I loved helping these individuals to get up, washed and dressed in a morning providing the helping had to help secure the prosthetic limb onto the patients leg and seeing them smile when they stand to manoeuvre or weight bare.
I ran a sensory club for more complex pupils and the response k got from one young girl when she first gave an adult eye contact was amazing.
Yes I have worked as a support worker with elderly and more recently learning disability assisting them to carry out daily activities within there own homes. I also had work placements as a student physiotherapist. I really enjoyed working as a student physiotherapist I covered placements in burns and plastica as well as elderly rehab. I seen some cases that was very unusual and gained great experience from it.
No I havent but very much enjoy meeting and helping people.
Yes I did during my intership as an ot student in sweden. It was just a small thing. The best experience I ever had was the adjustment of a wheel chair abo an old lady. Her face after taking her new wheelchair looked very happy and she was really gratefll.
Unfortunately, I have not worked with patients before. Although when my grandfather was very sick I was there with him everyday watching the OTA's and knew that is what I wanted to be.

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