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Have you assessed a child's handwriting?
As an Occupational Therapist Assistant, you may have the opportunity to work with children. If you haven't worked with children but with adults be sure to tell the interviewer but take the opportunity to tell the interviewer how you have worked with an adult and their handwriting or hand strength.
Answer examples
"I've spent the past 4 months working with children and assessing their handwriting. I've had a lot of success using Handwriting Without Tears as my tool to help children."

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User-Submitted Answers

Have you assessed a child's handwriting?
Yes I love learning new things and am currently learning about how to grown my own allotment.
Yes, I love to continue to grow my education. Most recently I was working as an electrician so I learned quite a few new skills doing that the past few months.
Yes, I think learning is a crucial part of developing. I studied different units in psychology and I learned that every person is unique in the way they think and deal with different situations.
I am constantly learning new subjects.
I have just completed Self directed support which opened my eyes further within social care and in the midst of doing my hnc which has taught me that theres more help I can give than what I thought.
I love learning new skills. I have recently been looking into genealogy and finding out about my family past, very addictive.
I recently completed my level two in british sign language, for me that was an intense learning experience as while I continuously sign at work the amount of preparation for exams and the learning the structure etc.
Yes I am learning all the time about various things.
I enjoy learning anything new, I have recently did a course on rehab which I really enjoyed.
I do enjoy learning and the subject I like or enjoy the most is rehab.
I love to learn. I do a lot of research on my own time. Recently I attended a CEU class over the shoulder, I learned several new exercises to use for frozen shoulder and decreased ROM.
I love learning and a few years ago I completed a tell where I went on to teaching English as a foreign language.
I have learned a lot about computer networking these past few months-how to program a code to light up a LED on a switchboard.
I've recently joined a new office and am learning a lot of new things to helpmeet in my job.
I love new learning specially when it helps me grow professionally.
I love learning new things and to improve my knowledge and skills. Recently I have completed my Care Certificate which helped me to learn more about the approach with patient and developed my knowledge about safeguarding.
I do love learning. I recently learned about a rare trigger point in the solieus muscle that can radiate pain all the way to the jaw and head.
I do I have recently done a diabetic training day through my work and really enjoyed the knowledge I gained learnt a lot of new facts and figures and how to treat the causes and symptons of diabetes.
Yes love learning! I took an introduction to human relations class and.
Baby massage. I learnt that humans need touch, babies can communicate as other humans in many ways.
I am studying health promotion level 3, this topic was about health in different areas.
I recently undertook training in Assist. I throughly enjoyed hearing other peoples ideas on the subject and felt I had gone in with strong ideas of my own which I questioned and I had changed my opinon on some.
I do enjoy learning. I recently took a medical terminology class where I learned a lot of new terms that are used in hospitals. I learned about the body systems and different disorders.
Yes I do, horticulture made me learn the benefits associated with horticulture.
I love learning. If honest I was not a learner in school but as I have got older and had my own children I enjoy learning and want to excel to show my children it's a pleasure and not a chore.
Yes I do, grading of activities.
Different conditions such as ms.
I became a lymphedema specialist recently and took a 6 day course to emerge myself into the course.
Yes Ido ... Anatomy and physiology one.
I learned that sensory integration interventions are effective for children with Autism.
Biology, anatomy made me learn new things.
Yes I have a great desire to learn new things and this is what attracts me to this position. One subject I have recently gone in-depth with is on more of a personal level and this is relating to dog breeding, Dna and bloodlines.
I love learning, I`m currently working on my NVQ
Yes I enjoy learning, dementia training tought me a lot about the illness.
Yes, very much! Knowledge is the key to wisdom.
Yes, very much! Knowledge is the key to wisdom.
Yes! I would love to do some training... Not to OT level bit diploma level, to better myself and also to give me a better undestabding.
I love learning new things at present I am teaching myself to bake lots of different types of cakes. We are having s cake sale at work to raise money for one of our colleague who is suffering from cancer and she is tired of fighting She would like to visit Mecca before her treatment starts again.
I'm constantly learning new thing and even the thing I already know I believe there is alway room for self reflection in order to progress and remain current these things can be from sleep hygiene, sensory integration, gardening, horse riding or house hold maintenance and DIY
Yes, I learnt a lot of things in health and social care course.