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Nursing Interview : Questions to ask the Interviewer
1. What kind of schedule are you looking for?
2. What are some of the qualities your most successful nurses possess?
3. What do you think are two traits nurses need to have to be successful in this profession?
4. Can you explain the scheduling process?
5. What is the nurse to patient ratio for this floor?
6. Does this nursing unit have swing shift? If so, what are the hours and duration for each period?
7. What are some of the challenges this floor or unit faces?
8. What are some of the improvements or goals the staff is challenging the floor with?
9. Is call required for this position? If so, what are the requirements?
10. What would be some of my primary challenges and duties if I were selected for this position?
11. How often are performance reviews conducted?
12. What are some unique challenges this floor is currently facing?
13. How long is the orientation period?
14. Do you offer any additional education opportunities?
15. What are your expectations for new hires during the first six months?
16. What is the policy for holiday and weekend rotation?
17. How much input does the staff have on patient care and other issues on the unit?
18. What is the salary policy regarding weekends, holidays and overtime
19. What is included in the benefits package?
20. How much vacation, sick leave and other time off and how is the time accrued?
21. Are there any tuition reimbursement plans?
22. When could I expect to hear back from you?