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Nursing Pros and Cons

1. I get to utilize my abilities to help people. I also get to have different experiences with the different people I meet. It keeps me busy and it is my passion. May 30th, 2012

2. The feeling you get after knowing you made a difference in someone's life. July 3rd, 2012

3. I think being a nurse is the best profession in the world. I am a liason for my patients. I can instruct and comfort them, I can physically help them and attempt to calm them during stressful times. July 19th, 2012

4. Reward is when the patient recovers and leaves the facility happy. July 26th, 2012


1. A position in Nursing can be very stressful. Long hours. Continuous demand from patients needing care. May 30th, 2012

2. Being a nurse can be emotional. I try as hard as I can but there are just some things that I've seen in the operating room that I can't help but take home with me and think about them in the middle of the night. June 20th, 2012

3. Nursing can be very emotional, and sometimes it can be hard when you go home to leave everything you see at work. June 20th, 2012

4. Seeing residents deteriorate. July 28th, 2012