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What is your favorite type of patient?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nursing interview

How to Answer

As a nurse, you work with patients from all walks of life with many different personalities and attitudes. Favorite patients will typically be those that are compliant to your requests or are very easy-going when it comes to walking them through a diagnosis. For this question, try to be specific with your example to a particular patient interaction that you had.

What is your favorite type of patient?
Answer example

"As a nurse in an oncology unit, we are often the bearers of very bad news to patients diagnosed with a terminal illness. I get to the see the very emotional side of some of my patients and I thrive in that environment. My favorite patient in that environment is the selfless patient that breaks down knowing what pain their family will be going through in the coming days and month because of their diagnosis. I recently had a young gentleman with two young kids get diagnosed with lung cancer and he broke down in fear for his children's future. During these times, I provide a listening ear and consoling shoulder for them to cry on."

Entry Level

"During my clinical rotations while pursuing my nursing degree, I was fortunate to have worked in a pediatric unit and realized that my favorite type of patient is one that is grateful for the service that I provide. We had a young boy come in for his immunizations and was crying and scared the moment he entered the exam room. Using my training, I spoke softly and reassured the boy that the pain would be temporary and the shot was a good thing for him. Even at the time of the shot, he was still crying so I had him focus on his mother in the room with us. Upon delivering the vaccine, he winced slightly but quickly realized it wasn't as painful as he would've thought. Upon leaving the exam room, he ran up and gave me a hug and thanked me. This was a very bright spot in that day that I will remember for a long time."


"Through my experiences as a nurse in urgent care, emergency and critical care, I have grown to love the elderly population of patients. In getting to know each individual patient, the elderly patients are most often the kindest and sweetest patients I have worked with. While being their nurse, they open up to me and exchange stories about life, love, happiness and family and I feel truly blessed to have chosen this career in those instances."

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What is your favorite type of patient?
A challenging one that I need to utilize all of my resources, experience and training to provide the best patient care.
All patient are my favorite type because everyone is different.
Patient who can ambulate well and that has good family support.
A patient that is appreciative of the care they are receiving. A patient that cooperates and is willing to do what is necessary to improve upon while they are under our care. Of course, finding a perfect patient will not always happen and you have to adapt and be just as courteous to a patient no matter how they behave.

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