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What precautions do you take with a patient in poor health?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nursing interview

How to Answer

This question gives you the opportunity to point out how you customize your approach to each patient on an individual basis. Nurses see patients with levels of sickness and poor health that span a wide degree of severity. It is important to talk about how you communicate with your patients and using specific examples from your past can be beneficial here as well.

What precautions do you take with a patient in poor health?
Answer example

"Any time I see a new patient, I take my time to get to know them both personally and what their health history looks like. Oftentimes, this can lead me to understand just how poor their health conditions are and I am able to customize my care to them."

Entry Level

"During my schooling as a nurse, we were required to take a communications class. Here, I learned excellent question and answer techniques to get to know a patients health history better. As I enter the workforce as a new nurse, I know that I will be able to put these skills to use with each and every new patient that I encounter to help me give them the best care possible."


"Getting to know each patient and their history through what I call a fact finding process is very important in how I care for each patient individually. Recently, we had a gentleman come into our Emergency Room with what appeared to be chest pains. With him visiting family in our area, we didn't have immediate access to his medical records. While in the room, I was asking him about his health history and we learned that he was a severe diabetic. Knowing this, we were able to customize his care and avoid procedures that could potentially be harmful to him."

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What precautions do you take with a patient in poor health?
First of all be respectful and courteous to all of your co-workers, make them aware that you are there to work as a team member, and just open up yourself to them.
By completing my work in a timely manner, offering help when possible, respecting other co-wokers.
Always being a team player, always practicing patient safety, and being positive willing to help out when needed.
I would say through confidence and showing initiative to learn. I think if they see you are open to learning and jump on those learning opportunities they will know you are working on becoming more competent and independent in your practice.
I would gain my teammates respect by offering to assist other staff on the unit, even when I am not being asked to assist.
Befriendliness, teach verbal and non verbal knowledgre.
I would be dependable and arrive early for every shift. I would also use good communication skills by providing thorough hand off at the change of shift. I would also be helpful by offering my assistance to the other nurses on the floor when possible.
Respect needs to be earned. I think by demonstrating that I am a competent compassionate nurse will start the relationship. Being able to admit when I need guidance will all develop communication.
I would make sure to ask for assistance and try to help out when and where ever I can.
I would show that I am willing to learn from every opportunity given to me. I would also make sure to ask them questions when I need help and show them that I am steadily improving in my clinical skills.
I will try to understand the unit and there method of work also as soon as possible. And also I will help my colegues .
I would gain their respect by treating them with respect. Valuing their years of experience, asking questions when I need help and complimenting them when I see exceptional work.
Be friendly and have a positive attitude to learn from them.
As a new nurse in a new to you facility I would try to watch and listen to gain as much verbal and nonverbal knowledge as I could. I would not try to change the facility to what I was used to, I would try to change myself to meet the facility's needs.

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