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What precautions do you take with a patient in poor health?
User Submitted Interview Answers
First of all be respectful and courteous to all of your co-workers, make them aware that you are there to work as a team member, and just open up yourself to them.
By completing my work in a timely manner, offering help when possible, respecting other co-wokers.
Always being a team player, always practicing patient safety, and being positive willing to help out when needed.
I would say through confidence and showing initiative to learn. I think if they see you are open to learning and jump on those learning opportunities they will know you are working on becoming more competent and independent in your practice.
I would gain my teammates respect by offering to assist other staff on the unit, even when I am not being asked to assist.
Befriendliness, teach verbal and non verbal knowledgre.
I would be dependable and arrive early for every shift. I would also use good communication skills by providing thorough hand off at the change of shift. I would also be helpful by offering my assistance to the other nurses on the floor when possible.
Respect needs to be earned. I think by demonstrating that I am a competent compassionate nurse will start the relationship. Being able to admit when I need guidance will all develop communication.
I would make sure to ask for assistance and try to help out when and where ever I can.
I would show that I am willing to learn from every opportunity given to me. I would also make sure to ask them questions when I need help and show them that I am steadily improving in my clinical skills.
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