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How have you responded when your supervisor asked you to work an additional shift to fill vacancies?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Nursing interview

As a Nurse, you may be asked to work various shifts as well as cover shifts of your colleagues. Knowing that there is always room for negotiation or planning after you get the job, don't hurt your chance by giving a short 'no' to this answer.

Basic answer example
"I understand that I may be asked to cover shifts from time to time, and I'm fine with that. I want to be apart of a supportive team that knows I will cover for each of them if needed."

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How have you responded when your supervisor asked you to work an additional shift to fill vacancies?
Absolutely im here whenever you need me.
I usually covered someone else's shift unless I was absolutely not able to. I would want someone else to do the same for me if I had an emergency.
I try my best to help out the team in whatever way I can. Unless I have a plane ticket out of town I think its important to fill vacancies where needed. I am very flexible with my schedule and can move most things around.
Absolutely, I recognize in nursing that I may always be called in at various hours. My family knows this too. Also, if this hospital has overtime pay, I would be more than willing to work any extra shift possible.

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