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How do you deal with stress at work?
Your ability to manage stress will directly influence your ability to provide optimal patient care. Before answering this question, think of some tools that have helped you manage your stress. What will you do when you can't take a break when you need it?
Answer examples
"I've learned some helpful breathing techniques that I can do while I'm at work. Even when I'm feeling rushed or overwhelmed by a patient situation, I am able to slow down my breath and remain calm. Patient care will always be my top priority, and that's why I've learned to manage my stress effectively."

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you deal with stress at work?
Debreif about the situation. How I can inprove next time and what I would have done differentl.
I sit back and take a breather or I speak to someone about the situation.
When work becomes stressful this is where I prioritize my responsibilities so that everything gets done I do my best to deal with the matter at hand that is causing the stress the faster its solved the less stress for the day.