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Nursing Aide

30 Interview Questions & Answers

Tell me about a time you were trusted with confidential information.

Example #1
"I'm trusted with confidential information every day. I make a point to leave my work at work and not discuss patients outside of the facility. By not discussing confidential information about the patients I'm ensuring that I'm not breaking any rules and giving information to those that are not on a need to know basis."
Example #2
"I am expected to keep all information confidential every day, so there is not just one instance that I can refer to. I believe in practicing within legal and ethical bounds and keeping patient's confidence is one way I do that."
Example #3
"Every day I work is an example of me being trusted with confidential information. HIPAA regulations were set in place with good reason and I appreciate the idea behind them. I strive to stay well within the bounds of legality with regard to patient privacy."
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