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Top 25 News Director Interview Questions
List of News Director Interview Questions
  1. How would you describe yourself as a manager?
  2. What is your experience with firing an employee?
  3. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  4. What is your favorite type of story?
  5. By this time in your career, you should have advanced further, what has slowed down your career progression?
  6. In what ways do you voice your opinion on story ideas to the newsroom?
  7. How well do you work under stress?
  8. What incentives do you give your employees to produce good work?
  9. What is your experience working with a sales department?
  10. How do you decide which stories are the most important to cover for the day?
  11. What influenced you to become a manager?
  12. What are your career aspirations beyond this point?
  13. What unique skills can you offer to our news department?
  14. What is your experience managing finances for a department?
  15. What are your ethical practices?
  16. What are your salary expectations?
  17. Why do you want to become a news director?
  18. How does this position fit into your career plans?
  19. Why is this job right for you at this time?
  20. Why did you decide to get into the news industry?
  21. How will you elevate our company?
  22. How do you plan to improve our viewership and ratings?
  23. How do you balance time between news, sales, and marketing departments?
  24. What qualities do you look for in reporters?
  25. What qualities do you look for in hiring new producers?
  26. Why is this city/state/community a good fit for you?
  27. What experience do you have writing and editing story scripts?
  28. How do you plan to allocate spare money for the quarter?
  29. What other experience do you have working in news or management?
  30. How do you find qualified candidates for news positions to hire?
News Director Information
August 18th, 2017

A news director is a person who runs the news department at a local newspaper, or local or national broadcast television station. They are responsible for managing all photographers, reporters, editors and producers who produce content for each television broadcast show or newspaper edition. They are responsible for hiring new talent, making decisions on what stories and events to cover, and providing feedback on each show or edition. Each show or newspaper is a direct product of the management and direction of a news director, and they are constantly managing their employees and updating segments, columns, and providing suggestions to improve writing and reporting to produce the best quality show or edition possible.

To prepare for an interview in this career field, an aspiring news director should be able to show examples of how they can manage a large group of people. They should also be able to provide examples, either written or visual, of shows or newspapers that they have directed. A successful news director improves the station's broadcasts or newspaper editions by adding content or suggesting new writing techniques to appeal to various audiences and capture the most important parts of the story or event.

A news director should be able to discuss with a hiring agent the most important principles of journalism and their take on the ethics of journalism. They should be able to explain their ethical practices, such as their take on dealing with difficult or tragic news. A news director should be able to convey how they stay level-headed and calm in making difficult decisions and provide examples of how they have done this in the past.
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