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Top 25 Multimedia Journalist Interview Questions
1. Why did you want to become a multimedia journalist?
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List of Multimedia Journalist Interview Questions
  1. Why did you want to become a multimedia journalist?
  2. Why do you think this particular city/state/television market would benefit from you working here?
  3. What are your benefits expectations?
  4. What is your experience working with technology and social media?
  5. What part of the job are you most excited about?
  6. How do you work on tight deadline?
  7. What is your experience on live television?
  8. What is one ethical question you have run into while reporting a story and how did you resolve it?
  9. Have you ever taken a role in a company that hasn't fit into your long-term career plans?
  10. If you could start your career over again, what direction would you take?
  11. If you could choose one subject to cover for the rest of your career, what would it be?
  12. What is your least favorite part of being a multimedia journalist?
  13. How well do you work with a team?
  14. How do you plan to come up with fresh story ideas?
  15. What are your salary expectations?
  16. How will your previous experience help you exceed at being a multimedia journalist?
  17. What skills do you have that set you apart from other potential candidates?
  18. What is your favorite story you have covered?
  19. What is your experience with working cameras?
  20. What is your experience with lighting?
  21. What was the most challenging story you have ever covered?
  22. What is your favorite part about being a multimedia journalist?
  23. What does the title "multimedia journalist" mean to you?
  24. Who is your biggest role model?
  25. Why is this job a good fit for you?
  26. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  27. What are your favorite types of stories to report on?
  28. What was the biggest mistake you have ever made while on the job?
  29. When did you realize you wanted to become a multimedia journalist?
  30. How does this position fit into your career goals?
Multimedia Journalist Information
August 18th, 2017

A multimedia journalist is a writer and reporter who is expected to tell stories and gather information to report to the public via visual media. A multimedia reporter is expected to interview people of interest for a story, express what is most important to share with the public, and use pictures, video, and sound to convey the information to viewers, listeners, and readers.

To prepare for an interview in the field of multimedia journalism, one must prepare to discuss some of their previous works, and what their skill set can offer to the potential new employer. Employers in this field are looking for a candidate who not only can gather information and tell a story, but can also convey emotion through pictures and video and use visual media to add to the story. A candidate should prepare a short video tape reel they can share with the hiring agent to show their most inspiring work. The candidate should also be able to talk about potential stories they would be interested in working on within that market, and how their previous experience will help them succeed in this new location.

A candidate must also be able to talk to the hiring agent about all of the various forms of media they are capable of using. A multimedia journalist is expected to be able to use a camera phone, video camera, still camera, and some kind of audio recording device to gather stories on a daily basis. They also must be well-versed on social media and able to update the public with pictures or information from their stories throughout the course of their work on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other sharing platforms.
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