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How confident are you in making crucial decisions?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Mortgage Loan Processor interview

How to Answer
Have you been given a lot of autonomy in your current position? Tell the hiring manager about your ability and level of comfortability in making difficult and important decisions.

"In my current role I am given the ability to make crucial decisions very independently. I work very hard at ensuring I am knowledgable so that I can confidently make crucial decisions without second guessing myself."

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How confident are you in making crucial decisions?
Very confident in making crucial decision. If I do not have the answer I am not afraid of requesting assistance.
Very knowledgeable and comfortable.
Extremely confident in making crucial decisions. I have learned to trust my gut instinct. I would rather stop knowing that I erred on the side of caution.
Very confident once the ropes are learned. I been in both positions in processing and recent jobs.
I'm very confident that I can make a decision when needed.
I am extremely confident in my ability to control that which I am able to control and to ask for assistance when I feel like I need it.
I'm very confident and I know when it's time to get someone else involved.
Very confident I would say.
Strive to know my limitations and when to seek assistance.
My confidence is based on my knowledge of a situation.
I have worked in customer service for some time and have also handled more escalated situations. For the most part, I feel confident that I can make a decision to do what is right and appropriate regardless of the situation.
When the decision will effective the whole company overall.
Very confident and know my limitations.
I am not scared of decision making. Many times have I had to make a decision that was choosing between bad or worth.
I am someone who works well independently and confident in making those hard decisions. I run my own business currently and am constantly aware that whatever I decide will backfire on me, but I am ready to take responsibility for it if it were to happen. I am also very aware there are certain things out of my control and have to ask for help. It happens all the time in real estate transactions, especially when I was first starting out because there were a lot of things I was unaware of that could happen. And when they did, I knew I had to ask someone for help. However, with clients, there are some things that can't be overcome. Like being laid off or deciding to walk away from a deal.
I am confident in making crucial decisions even when something is outside of my control. Assessing the situation and learning from colleagues and supervisors what has been successful in the past to stick to a tried and true course of actions, or implementing a fresh idea if nothing has been successful in the past that would benefit both the client and the company.
Confident, I make crucial decisions daily. Sometimes you must take an educated risk from the knowledge you have gained on other situations. If there is a problem then you look at the decision made and the options and determine what the resolution should have been. I often read guidelines and talk through difficult scenarios and it can become clearer. If there is considerable discomfort it is good to research and get opinions.
I'm confident that my decisions will bring good results.

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