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During the loan process, if someone is not doing their job right, what do you do?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Mortgage Loan Processor interview

Briefly talk to the hiring manager about how you handle underperforming co-workers. You can give an example if you'd like but be sure to keep the mood light and avoid any major negativity or personal bashing.

Basic answer example
"If someone is not correctly doing their job, I will bring it to their attention and ask them if they need assistance in any way. Generally this will help the issue. Most people do not do their job right because they feel overwhelmed or they don't know how. By offering help, or training, I can usually eliminate this issue."

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During the loan process, if someone is not doing their job right, what do you do?
Ask if there is something they don't understand and offer assistance or refer them to get additional training.
I will nicely and a professional way point out the mistake and the correct way to proceed to work as a team and meet pour company's goals.
If a person is unable to do right I will help him by teaching so that he can do right.
If someone is not doing their job right I would try to let them know that a mistake was made and how to fix it. When you let the person fix their mistake nine times out of ten they stop making the mistake. If the person knows they are making it though and they do not care I would notify my manager for them to take further action.
Offer to help and while helping suggest different ways to do the same task that would be more productive.
Stop them an show them the proper way to do the job.
Contact them and look for a solution.
Call them out, if that doesn't work I'll go to their supervisor.
Speak to a supervisor and advise them that the person is not in compliance.
First is to determine what procedures they are using and make sure they have the latest one. Then walk them through the correct process.
Ask if they need assistance in regards to processing their files.
I will warn him not to be neglect.
Would talk with that employee if it were my responsibility if not talk with supervisor.
First of all we give him on r two month for depisite if he cant so we should be cancelled their loan process.
Confront the person and find out the problem.
I will assist them to get them a better understanding to do the job correctly.
I would approach the situation with caution and speak to this person with a grace, yet firm tone. I would remind this individual that if he or she needs help it is okay to seek it. I would encourage team work and a possible refresher course on what the individual is struggling on.
Find root cause of his problem and recommend solutions.
I would focus on the task at hand, contact the borrower to get the information that is needed to underwrite the file.
Request for job to be done correctly.
I try to see how I can help the person, so there won't be negative impact to the customer.
Firstly check his cibil report and ask to customer his doing any bussiness and calculate his income source, monthly and annual income then it will be deside loan process or not.
I try to help the person understand the job.
I would ask if there is some confusion or misunderstanding about the task then go about showing them how it should be done.
You ask if there is anything you can do help.
If it directly affects or hinders my job, I would immediately address it with the person who is doing their work incorrectly if it is a small mistake. However, if it was a bigger problem, I would probably approach the manager for help.
Reach out to that person discuss what the issue was and if need be come up with a solution together or educate them on the correct way to proceed.
Try to correct the issue as best as you can and get the file moving along.
Discuss with the team mate.
Attempt to find out if that individual needs assistance.
Make sure they understand what needs to happen and help them with what the need help on.

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