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Why did you enter a career in mental health?
Everyone has different motivations for entering the field, but most stem from the common ground of a desire to help people. Think about why you chose your field and what motivates you to do what you do. Maybe you have mental illness in your family. Perhaps you are frustrated with the current model for mental healthcare and strive to make a difference. Whatever your motivation, speak openly about how you aim to make an impact through working as a mental health counselor.
Answer examples
"I chose to enter a career in mental health because I want to help people who are in need. There are many ways to help people. You can try to make changes in society and in institutions, but I prefer to work with people directly. I think that if a person has the right mental tools, they'll be more likely to be resilient and to survive and thrive in whatever environment or situation they happen to be in."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why did you enter a career in mental health?
When I was young I was always spent a lot of time observing people and things and ultimately I felt I could do some good with this curiousity. I want to help others with my natural skills I cannot of field more rewarding that being a counselor, a coach, teacher. It was just full of growth and positivity.
I wanted a fulfilling career that impacts and helps others reach their goals in life.
I grew up in the field and have always wanted to help others be fully functioning members of society.
Since I was a teenager I was intrigued by things relating to human behavior. My desire to journey along with children during their academic process appeared to be the right challenge. It appears my specialty since being e education and mental health setting is troubled males. My ability to help them through reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making strategies and service plans.
I’ve always known I wanted to help others I just wasn’t sure how. When I was first going to school I was lost and had no clue what to do. I eventually took a psychology course and that changed my life forever. I became fascinated with human behaviors and the way the mind works. I believe therapy can have a positive effect on lives and psychological interventions can help someone who is suffering with behavioral disorders or mental health conditions. Which is why I chose to get my degree in psychology. I minored in Child and Adolescent development because children and youth populations are what I feel need to be focused on the most. Young people today who are experiencing emotional distress or other mental health problems that are treated now will have a better prognosis for living a fulfilling and high functioning life as they get older.
Because I have the at heart and I want be there and make a differnce in their lives.
I entered a career in mental health because I enjoy talking to people, empowering individuals and that are strugling with past trauma and negative events in their lives to deal with their so that are not victims of their circumstances and they are able to process their trauma.
Because I am passionate about counselling and compassinate for people that are hurting. I am passionate helping people to explore why they behave the way they do and develop strategies to change behaviours.
I first became interested when I was in high school. Thats when I decided to major in psychology. Every since then, I wanted to do this and help others who need it.
I am passionate about helping others.
Initially, I entered the mental health field because of the death of my twin brother due to a heroin overdose 10 years ago. He suffered from dual diagnosis and been in and out of treatment centers and homeless. I am motivated to be involved in early prevention and give more focus to the dual diagnosis population and help them live a full and productive life if possible.
I enter a career in mental health to learn the "why" individuals (children) would misbehave in school.
To help those who are in need.
Art has a always been an important part of my life and has helped me through tough times. I want to help others tap into the healing components of art.
Through my own life experiences; overcoming certain difficult challenges, I have personally benefited from seeking outside help, and I have committed my career to helping others.
My interest and passion of the human condition.
Because I want to help people to find their potential to life a fulfilling life.
I have a personal passion for aiding others esp those effected by mental health disorders.
To help people with mental health issues and applying my skills I've learned in college.
I have recently being learning about mental health, substance use, and concurrent also known as dual diagnosis when I entered the social service worker diploma fast track program. However, mental health advocacy has been a long time passion of mine through direct lived experience and being able to identify as a survivor, having experienced trauma and loos with family that were directly affected. I have supported my mother as well with her recovery and managing sziphrehenia.
To understand what makes people who they are.
Lack of the importance of counseling in my community.
I started out as a school teacher, but noticed I really worried about my student's home lives and felt as though their issues at home and mental health were more important than the topics I was teaching.
To health other out in need.
Since I was a child I've always wanted to enter a career in which I can help people. As I grew older, I realized what a privilege it would be to be able to support and guide someone through a vulnerable time and help them overcome their struggles so that they can move forward.
I am interested in individuals thought processes, and changing negatives to positives and promoting resilience.
I am interested in counseling and psychology and helping people cope from their life issues. As a SACS counselor I would like to help children cope through their sexual assault as well as continue to dispel the myths about sexual abuse so sexual violence can be eliminated.
I always had an interest, been exposed to different scenarios in my personal life where I have interacted with mental health patients which has formed my character and added to my experience.
I want to help people, I am a natural listener and peacemaker.
Personal- people can enhance their own mental health if we give them the right coping mechanisms and strategies and if we refer them.
I am a compassionate person, someone who has always rooted for the underdog, someone who gets rewarded by seeing a smile flash on the face of a suffering individual, by seeing them overcome an obstacle. We are all affected by mental illnesses and I have a desire to help affect positive change in this community.
Iv always been told that im a good listerner patient and able to give the best advice.
I am passionate about working with at-risk youth and adult with mental illness.
I want to help people with mental illness and make a positive impact in their lives by giving information to their families.
I want to make a positive impact on the other person life.