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How do you measure progress?
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Progress needs to be assessed continuously as presentation or s/s can change.
Progress will be assessed after every session with a client. I will listen to the client's thought processes and look at their behavior to see if it has changed.
Progress should be assessed at the end of the intervention. For example, creating a pre and post test allows for us to see how effective the services were in meeting the need of the students.
Progress will be assessed by evaluating if behaviours are increasing or staying the same or decreasing.
I would ask the client to show me on a peice of paper, the paper representing their life, how big the issue or behaviour they might be struggling with is and how much it takws over their life, they can use form and colour, I would date it and come back to it 3 months later and ask them to do the same thing. Showing them both pictures and talking about the difference, if any.
Questionnaire at the beginning, middle, and end of treatment.
Progress will be assessed based on individuals goals and assessed each visit.
Progress is assessed at regularly at each stage of counseling.
Well, it's important to collaboratively develop treatment goals with the client that are small, measurable, and attainable by the client so that on a weekly basis I may measure the client's progress. For instance, let's say a client wants to work on improving his communication with his partner. Then I could measure our progress by the number of times he argues with his partner, how many times he was able to use "I" statements.
Progress would be assessed during each session by inquiring client and observing client's symptoms.
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