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Answering Medical Transcriptionist Questions

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If you discovered that a coworker was violating a patient's privacy by discussing information they learned by transcribing a report, what would you do?

Patient privacy is protected by federal law and anyone who works in the healthcare industry is required to understand and follow the law. Failure to do so can result in loss of employment, and possible criminal charges. The interviewer wants to know that you understand your role in protecting a patient's privacy and that you will make wise decisions if you feel a patient's confidentiality has been compromised.


Answer Example

"I believe that we all should strive to protect our patient's confidentiality. If I were to discover that a coworker violated a patient's right to privacy, I would report it to my immediate supervisor. The consequences of protected information being shared could have an effect on all of us and we should all do our part in trying to prevent this events from ever occurring."

Entry Level

"I would notify my supervisor right away. The law demands that we protect our patient's private information and our patients expect us to honor that."


"Unfortunately, this happens more often than I like to even think about. If I were to discover that a coworker compromised a patient's right to privacy, I would report the incident to my supervisor. The effects of breeches in confidentiality are more far-reaching than many people realize. It is up to us, as care providers, to protect our patient's right to privacy at all times."

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