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If you can't understand a recording, what do you typically do?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Transcriptionist interview

How to Answer

Because you don't give anything less than 100% you wouldn't guess on the recording to get the job done. Tell the interviewer that you would flag the recording and go straight to the source to clear up any miscommunication. You strive to deliver your best work. You wouldn't allow a recording to mess up your record.

If you can't understand a recording, what do you typically do?
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"If I had a hard time understanding a patient recording, I would ask for a second opinion from one of my co-workers."

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If you can't understand a recording, what do you typically do?
Normally, I would repeat or rewind the recording a few times to see if I can familiarize myself with the dictation and try to decipher it but if it doesn't work, I would try slowing it down instead since there would then be an emphasis on the enunciation of the words possibly making it easier for me to understand.
I would follow department policy. First, try to figure it out. If I still cannot, I would ask someone to listen, tag it for QA.
Politely asked to repeat the recording or see if I can replay the recording.
The first thing I would do is try to adjust the recording device. Failing that I would ask for help from a peer.
I will listen once agian of I dont I will inform my superior to listen.
I used to scribble it on paper the main points.
Put a blank and relisten later.
Repeatedly backward the audio. Listen carefully.
Advance the tape to try and piece together statement.
Pause, readership what 5 he report is about and restart.
I try to listen to it as many times as possible and then finally I seek help if I really cannot work with it. I never give up in my first attempt.
I listen to it again and try to be in more quiet room or if I still didnt get it.. I call my supervisor.
If I couldn't understand a recording I would politely ask if they are able to repeat the recording.
Just keep the blank instead of blunder.
I will listen to it again and again if then also I didn't understand anything I will contact my supervisor regarding this issue.
There are multiple options available. First of all you have to see what is the preference of the quality management in the hospital such a situation. (a) You can leave a blank, you can ask your senior transcription for spot identification. You can make a draft and send it to doctor review. You should never type a without confirmation.
I will hear again and again until I get clear.
Search everything available and if not found, leave a blank.
I will listen for more times and try to understand it, if still not, Iwill ask help of superiors.

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