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How would you describe your previous supervisor? Qualities you liked and disliked about them?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Transcriptionist interview

How to Answer

This question is being asked to see what your relationship is like with your current employer and, yet again, to better understand your motivations in wishing to leave them. Would you say that they led by example and were always willing to help out? Where they encouraging and empowering you to do your best work? When it comes to explaining details you didn't like, don't make them too negative. Leave out the names and personal details.

How would you describe your previous supervisor? Qualities you liked and disliked about them?
Answer example

"My previous supervisor believed in getting in the weeds and being part of the action. If we were short handed he would answer phones, greet patients or help us file paperwork. It was nice to have the extra set of hands and have your supervisor want to help."

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How would you describe your previous supervisor? Qualities you liked and disliked about them?
She was very understanding when it came to life and family, yet was firm in what worked best for the department as a whole.
I would describe my supervisor very positive person. Some of the qualities I liked about them was they always tried to help if it was very busy. And some that I disliked was that in some ways they could bring you down.
His assiginig of tasks were too bad and his way of explaining is good.
My previous supervisor was very knowledged personeould guide at appropriate timesbut was keen on dead libes.
My supervisor is very keen about the grammar part of each an every documentation . He encourage and help us for improvements . After making the exact draft again adding .
Liked that she was fair. Disliked not having communication.
Very friendly and always encourage employees.
He is competent and discipline... But nothing to dislike abt him.
I would describe my previous supervisor a very humbler person. Some of the qualities that I like about my supervisor would be that even though he/she had a lot to get done throughout the day they would stay to help around. And something that I disliked about them would be that they would promise something and that promise would be turned down.
He mostly shows the preferences basis I mean he use to see in the senior level and the junior level though your working many years with them. I like his work too because his leadership and quality of work is good enough.
I can't because I didn't worked for anyone before because I am a fresher.
My previous supervisor was a retired Army colonel and he was very strict and disciplined person. He taught me new lessons of discipline. He was very limited in using computer so it was hard to for me teach him anything new in using computer.
Very good relationship with co-employees.
Pleasant and well versed in terminology. I had no dislikes.
My supervisor was well versed with all the technical work in the lab and was a ready to help person whenever you needed one. There was nothing that I really disliked about him.

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