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Have you ever had difficulty with a supervisor?
Of course, you've had times where you and your boss didn't see eye to eye. Don't answer this question with a quick no, instead be honest and tell the interviewer a short story of a time you and your supervisor didn't agree with something.
Answer examples
"I have had a few times that my supervisor and I didn't see eye to eye on things but that's ok. They are in the leadership position and my role is to follow their lead. If the opportunity came up or I was asked my opinion I would give it."

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User-Submitted Answers

Have you ever had difficulty with a supervisor?
No. I can work with or without supervision.
Yes, I've have had difficulties with a supervisor.
Yes, I've had difficulty with a supervisor before. In the pervious job I was working in she didn't want to change my schedule to a flexible schedule.
No, never he is very helpful to me.
Never he is very helpful and corporate with me.
No, never he is very helpful to me.
In my last job my supervisor was taking on more responsibility and I felt as if she was not paying enough attention to her new recruits.
Sometimes we experience difference to opinion which is normal. You can eliminate differences but you can manage them.
No. Supervisors are meant for smooth going of the work. So I never had a difficulty with them.
No, I haven't had any. I have good relationships with authority.
Yes. As a preschool teacher in an in home setting, my supervisor was neglectful. I sought to contribute help to the situation, but the supervisor would not accept and did not change her behaviors. We are cordial to one another, but I chose to terminate the working relationship.
No I didn't had a difficulty with supervisor.
I have not had any personal difficulties with a supervisor. I suppose I have been very blessed in that aspect of my working career.
No in all my previous positions I have worked very well with management and have enjoyed the time and guidance they provided.
Yes, depending on his kind of implementation of rules.
Yes I had but I will make that into positive.