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Answering Medical Transcriptionist Questions

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Do you feel you have a strong grasp on medical terminology, and why do you think it is important to understand it?

As a medical transcriptionist, you will listen to and transcribe reports regarding patient's health each day. Although you may not be treating someone, like a physician does, the information that you type while creating a report is used to help the healthcare team evaluate a patient's condition and develop a plan of care. The interviewer wants to know that you have an understanding of what you are typing. Explain your depth of medical terminology understanding and why it is important for a transcriptionist to know the meaning of medical terms.


Answer Example

"I believe it is very important for a medical transcriptionist to have an understanding of medical terminology. Although we are not treating the patient, our reports are used by the people who are. If something is not transcribed correctly, or the terminology points to something that is not accurately reported, it could result in a misdiagnosis of a patient or an inappropriate plan of care being established."

Entry Level

"One of the first things I learned while in school to get my certification as a medical transcriptionist was medical terminology. We started with basic terminology and medical abbreviations, and as the course progressed, so did our coursework and terminology understanding. I think it is very important for a transcriptionist to understand what she is typing so that if there are any errors, we can help to identify them before results are given."


"I do feel like I have a strong grasp on medical terminology. I have worked as a transcriptionist for (X) years and believe that it is very important for us to have an understanding of what we are typing. Anyone can make a mistake, whether it is the person dictating information, or the person typing. If we all have an understanding of terminology, we can work together to make sure accurate information is in the report so that the care team can implement an effective plan of care."

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