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Medical Assistant Interview Questions to Ask
1. Is there room for advancement?
2. If I was to be picked for externship how many hours would I be working a week?
3. What software is used?
4. What are the job duties of this position and as far as starting what would be my first duty as an employee?
5. How much do you enjoy your job?
6. What is the next step after the interview process?
7. Why are medical assistants so rude to each other? are they afraid the other one might get paid more??
8. Where do you see this company in five years.
9. Do you like working here? How long have you worked in this job and for the company? What kinds of improvements are you working on or do you think need to be implemented so this office runs better than it is right now.
10. what types of things would i be doing as a role as a medical assistant in your facility?
List of Medical Assistant Interview Questions
  1. As a Medical Assistant, what do you believe is your best asset?
  2. Walk me through your daily work routine.
  3. Why should we hire you?
  4. What are your weaknesses?
  5. What is your favorite type of patient?
  6. Why do you want a career in the medical field?
  7. How well do you work with people?
  8. Patients can be nervous talking to a doctor. How will they feel comfortable talking to you first?
  9. What is your least favorite thing about being a medical assistant?
  10. What do you like most about being a medical assistant?
  11. How did your education prepare you for this position?
  12. How do you handle an upset patient?
  13. Do you have any management experience?
  14. Are you a people person?
  15. Tell me about a time when you handled multiple tasks at once?
  16. Give me an example of a tough patient you had to deal with?
  17. Why do you want to leave your current employer?
  18. How would you rate your listening skills?
  19. Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a coworker. How did you handle it?
  20. What was your best experience thus far as a medical assistant?
  21. What are three key traits any medical assistant needs to have?
  22. How would you rate your communication skills?
  23. Have you taken blood pressure from a patient before?
  24. How do you respond if something goes wrong during a routine procedure?
  25. What is an area you would like to improve upon?
  26. How do you stay organized?
  27. How do you protect the confidentiality of patients?
  28. Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond.
  29. How would your former employer describe you?
  30. How do you handle situations that could cause you to be late or miss work?
  31. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  32. If a patient complains they had to wait too long to see the doctor, what will you do the next time they visit?
  33. If a patient complains that they didn't receive the proper care, how do you react?
  34. Tell me about a situation where you had to quickly adapt to a significant change at work?
Contributing Author
Heather Douglass
HR Specialist/Recruiter
Contributing Author
Ryan Brown
Contributing Author
Rachelle Enns
Medical Assistant Information
August 15th, 2017

A Medical Assistant helps prepare a patient for examination by a physician. They will perform basic vital functions, weight measurements, height measurements, room a patient, and assist the patient until a physician is ready for them. Medical Assistants are also responsible for office duties. They will receive office phone calls, work on the office schedule, organize and file documents, data entry, and more. Sometimes a medical assistant will be asked to travel between locations if the physicians they work under have multiple offices.

A successful Medical Assistant will be skilled in many areas of patient care and administrative duties. They will be able to handle stressful situations and strive under pressure. Having excellent judgment is also key, as many unknown scenarios may take place in a medical facility, the medical assistants must be able to make great decisions. Many medical assistants will have to work without supervision and must be able to thrive in that environment. They also must have a passion for healthcare and the well-being of their patients. Being able to understand the office is a team environment and all moving pieces are working together will help a medical assistant thrive at their position.

A Medical Assistant interview will be a challenge and all candidates need to prepare thoroughly. As a candidate for this position, you may be interviewed by multiple people throughout the office. You must be comfortable speaking to Doctors. Being confident in yourself and in your past work is key. Demonstrate to the interviewer how you have excelled in multiple positions working without supervision and that you are able to take initiative when you notice a task needs to be completed. The interviewer will most likely ask you several scenario questions on how you have performed under stressful and tough patient situations. They will test your composure and your ability to stay positive no matter how dire the circumstances are. Be sure to highlight your credentials and all the administrative duties you have completed in the past.