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Medical Assistant Interview : Questions to ask the Interviewer
1. Is there room for advancement?
2. If I was to be picked for externship how many hours would I be working a week?
3. What software is used?
4. What are the job duties of this position and as far as starting what would be my first duty as an employee?
5. How much do you enjoy your job?
6. What is the next step after the interview process?
7. Why are medical assistants so rude to each other? are they afraid the other one might get paid more??
8. Where do you see this company in five years.
9. Do you like working here? How long have you worked in this job and for the company? What kinds of improvements are you working on or do you think need to be implemented so this office runs better than it is right now.
10. what types of things would i be doing as a role as a medical assistant in your facility?