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Why should we hire you?
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A solful reason is I am searching for the growth and a career improvement. My work is the passion and when I person is so charged up to get into the field he she would try to make the best of it which serves me and indirectly serves to your benfit as well.
I am patient focused, and would be an asset to the team.
I know your going too interview more canidates for the position I know I will out perform each and everyone I am aware of my surroundingsI know how to quickly access an intense situation work under pressure and still provide the best quality care for the patient.
I feel I have skills and knowledge to do the job.
I am a hard and eager worker who can work independently and always willing to improve and learn new skills.
Great with Patients, On time for work, Never call in sick . Reliable and I have great vital skills as well as great blood work skills.
I am motivated confident and energetic person ever-ready to commit to the cause of the company.
I am honest, polite, hard worker and my education and past experience is in line with your company's requirement. I am willing to give long term stability.
The reason why you should hire me is because I have the skill set, and the experience to be able to be knowledgeable in my field of profession to give good adequate, clear, and concise work. I ve been proven for a good track record of multiple awards and achievements such as perfect attendance and outstanding good work. As a result I'm able to uplift, broaden and expand this company and as a team we all can do this and this is the reason why you should hire me.
Because im capable to work here, have experince with all kind of people and the health care is my life.