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Why should we hire you?
Show off your skills! Brag about your qualities! This may be your first job as a medical assistant, but you still have what it takes! What have you learned from your training that will make you a valuable addition to the team? What qualities do you have that make you stand out? Also think about how this position will help you accomplish your career goals. Let the interviewer know that you are invested and care about how you affect patients and coworkers! Be positive and share some of your top traits!

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should we hire you?
Because I am easy going and eager to learn new ideas.
Because my qualifications meet your requirements and I want to work with you.
I am hard working, I love learning new things, and gaining new experiences. Also, since this is the field I am most interested in, I would be such a great experience.
What are your weakness and strengths.
Why you leave your prevous job.
I am a compassion person, I am dependable and I am a team player.
I have many years of experience, I am reliable, and a good team player.
Because I am proficient in patient care, I have great time management skills and pay attention to details.
I would be a fast learner, dedicated, honest, team player and boost your revenue.
I am very compassionate about the work that I do. I love helping other people and know that this is the place that I want to work.
I would be a great asset to your office. I am a very hard worker. I will always give anything I do 110 percent.
I'm knowledgeable, I bring loyalty, I'm a very caring person, I hold patients confidentiality to high standard and I'm dependable. My last job in the time I was there never late or absent.
I am a hard and eager worker who can work independently and always willing to improve and learn new skills.
I am not different for anybody else and I will not compare myself with anyone. I have virtues and imperfections. However, I will offer dedication. I will provide the patient with high quality job. I will address the patient with respect just as I would someone to treat someone so dearly and important for me. Protecting patient's well-being information and religion or cultural points of view is something I am anxious to do. I love dealing with people is makes me feels so satisfied knowing that can help the clinic's economy doctor and even myself to become a better person.This why I would like to be hired so I can contribute with all of me to your clinic.
I feel that I can make a change in the services users lives.
I have plenty experience.
I believe that you should hire me because I very passionate about what I do and take this field seriously which is in deed required in order to provide excellent patient care.
I would be a great fit to the company because of my customer support experience.
I believe I will be a good canadate for the job.
If you hire me you will get the best result from me. I am cooperative once I have learn the runtine I work well unsupervised.
Because I'm passionate about it, I want to be here, I want to help people, I enjoy the work, I am patient, compassionate, and self-motivated.
I will be a great asset to you . I am a dedicated, compassionate, dependable, team player, people's person worker.
I believe that I have what it takes to meet the requirement for this position.And I will have an opportunity to bring my customer service skills to the table.
I am a very hard worker and believe in providing the best experience possible for my patients.
I would rate my listening skills highly as I actively listen to patient inquiries, complaints and comments and always respond to every inquiry professionally.
I'm a hard worker, patient, willing to learn, I work well alone and in a team and I have experience as an MOA.
I am mature, motivated person who strive for new knowledge and use my ability and knowledge in the medical administration field.
I have CCMA certificate and have almost 3 years medical experiences. Also, I am bilingual and be able to help doctors, nurses, and Japanese patients.
Because I'm dependable, reliable, a fast leaner, and also I like to take the initiative to get the job done.
Because I'm capable to work with all kind of people and because I have experience and this my life health care is my life.
You should hire me because I am very dedicated to my work ethics and love working as a medical assistant.
Because im capable to work here, have experince with all kind of people and the health care is my life.
I feel I have skills and knowledge to do the job.
I am a hard worker and am willing to learn.
I have a experience with this field.I am a hard worker. I will do my best and I will put my all effort for this job.
I have over 20 years of experience in this field. I managed to build Dr. Sharma's practice with two specialist right from the empty building. Right from stocking supplies, putting rooms together with appropriate supplies, making new files, new patients, surveying patients after seeing the doctor to get more referrals. Visiting community health unit an d learning more about immunizations. With that I took further courses of billing, New program Electronic medical records was introduced; I managed three moas's with I was very particular how to interact with patients - being polite as well as firm. (to fit in more patients in between). WE screening all the charts into the program and become a paperless clinic. I worked with few soft wares and currently working with Plexia which most of the hospitals use. Hospital summaries, investigation done in hospital automatically loads into patients profile. Iam confident that I will be an asset to your company.
I am a well qualified medical assistant to you practice.
Responsible, dedicated, hardworking and flexible. able to handle stressful situation and difficult people. Enjoy and comfortably working around with people of different ages and backgrounds.
I am a talented person. I able to draw and colour which mean I am a creative person. I also a logical thinking person because I love maths.
You should hire me because I think I would be a great asset to your company and I am a people person and I have worked with children for a little over 11 years.
I have a good attitude, I'm a great team player, I like working and helping people of all ages and backgrounds and I'm very dependable.
I feel like this would be a very good experience for me. Sort of getting my foot in the door in the medical world.
I feel I have the skills and ability to achieve whatever task or duty you ask me to perform in this job. My unique personality will sure be an asset to your company.
You should hire me because I am up to date with all the procedures and I would bring great value to this organization.
I believe working with woman would be a great idea and I would like to learn more.
Communication skills, responsible, fast learner.
You should hire me because, I take my job serious and I because im blingual I can speak, read and write and I think that your facilty would need that :)
You should hire me because I have the specific qualifications inorder to perform the job.
I believe I have the skills and qualities fit for this position.
I have the qualifications for this position, and I am hard worker.
Because I am very dependable, honest, I enjoy helping people for example the patient and my coworkers when I am working on a project I make sure it is completed and done right the first time around.
Because I can be a good candidate in this company.
I am highly trained in this field, and I know how to conduct business with others.
I am very determined and motivated. When I am given a task I do my best to make sure that it's done as efficiently and correctly as possible.
Great with Patients, On time for work, Never call in sick . Reliable and I have great vital skills as well as great blood work skills.
I think that I would be a good asset to the job.
I believe that my ten years experience would really be an asset to your company.
I am honest, polite, hard worker and my education and past experience is in line with your company's requirement. I am willing to give long term stability.
Because I am the best person for the job and an hangery to be a put of the team.
I am motivated confident and energetic person ever-ready to commit to the cause of the company.
I have knowledge in patient care.
If you hire me it will be a great opportunity to showcase my skills. Whatever goal I set, I ensure I finished.
I have experience and ablity to do this job.
I am dependable and reliable, very hard working, and dedicated, and I believe that I would be a valuable source to the company.
I can not only do the work I can deliver great results, and ill really fit in with the team and colture.
I am reliable, I have great work ethics and I am a hard worker. I learn quickly and I am confident in what I do.
Because I love my work and serious me a pleasure to form a part of his equipment.
Because i'm the person that you need it.
I love helping people. I love the interaction with all patients.
I'm hard working and dedicated individual.
I am very experienced as a medical assistant treating infants and young children.
I am a very hard worker, I enjoy helping people. I am a people person and I will go above and beyond to help my patients feel welcomed and happy.
I think that you should hire me because I am willing to put in effort in p.
I believe that I would be a great employee, I have the correct skills to perform great in this job.
Because I have the skills and experience that is required for this position.
The reason why you should hire me is because I have the skill set, and the experience to be able to be knowledgeable in my field of profession to give good adequate, clear, and concise work. I ve been proven for a good track record of multiple awards and achievements such as perfect attendance and outstanding good work. As a result I'm able to uplift, broaden and expand this company and as a team we all can do this and this is the reason why you should hire me.
I know your going too interview more canidates for the position I know I will out perform each and everyone I am aware of my surroundingsI know how to quickly access an intense situation work under pressure and still provide the best quality care for the patient.
I am patient focused, and would be an asset to the team.
Fast learner, honest, lots of experience.
I am very dedicated, self motivated, responsible and reliable. I believe my experiences and background will be a great contribution to your organization.
I am motivated, reliable and a team player.
What skill and qualification do you have.
I have a passion for patient care, and the ability to learn quickly.
I will be one the patients come to when they need something done in a timely fashion, I will follow up with them making sure they are getting the care they seek. They trust me and my work.
I truly enjoy helping others and I feel that my education and experience have made me the ideal candidate for this position.
I have the necessary skills for the job.
I believe I have the skills experiences to be an excellent medical assistant.
My skills and qualification match the job description.
I am versatile as a MA. I am a quick learner with the desire to learn all aspects of the office. I like to keep my area organized and have attention to detail.
Because I am ready and willing to put what I've been taught to good use and you won't find anyone as dedicated and passionate about this position.
A solful reason is I am searching for the growth and a career improvement. My work is the passion and when I person is so charged up to get into the field he she would try to make the best of it which serves me and indirectly serves to your benfit as well.
Because I believed that I have the knowledge and ability to perform my duties sincerely and be responsible with my position as a Medical Assistant and in your company.
You should hire me because I'm very determined and a confident medical assistant.
I have many years experience also I can speak more than one language.
I am honey, reliable I love working with people.
I am very interested in helping people mainly with their health needs. I enjoy the healthcare field.
I would be a good asset to the company because I bring with my great clinical skills, people skills, I'm dependable.
I am able to work well with others and I will do the best of my abilities to problem solve tasks as well as difficult one's as well.
I have a passion for health care and helping people. Atlantic care is an organization that is known for its excellence and I want to learn and work for the best.
I am excited about learning and delivering.
You should hire me because my research indicate high-quality care performed at this facility and I communicate effectively with my coleage, patients. My qualification and and past experience perfectively suitable for this position. I am calm and confident.
Because my skill and qualification make my a strong candidate acording to the job description.
As a new graduate, I'm eager to learn and start my career and I am technologically advanced.
I am a people person, hardworking, trainable, and eager to learn,
I have such great experience with people in the medical field I have had so much wide range of experiences. As well as knowledge and always willing to learn.