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Why do you want to leave your current employer?
Start by explaining what you liked about your current employer. Focus on the positives! Next, share that you want to leave to pursue better opportunities. You really don't need to get into the details of what's missing from your last job. Focus on what you want to accomplish in your new role and how this position will help you get there.
Answer examples
"I am interested in working for you because there is so much room for growth. There is so much opportunity at your company, and I think I will learn so much."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why do you want to leave your current employer?
To grow and develop skills as a medical assistant.
I want to leave my current employer because there is no room for growth and opporttunities.
I am looking for a new career opportunity so that I can continue to help people who need it, and fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming an ultrasound technician. I expect to aheive that by first working as a medical assistant to put myself through the program for it.
I am currently not working, hopefully you give me the opportunity to becaome a member here with florida medical clinic.
I am ready for new challenges and long term longevity.
I feel as if I could grow with your group.
I want to be in the doctors office.
I had no choice. My past employer has moved his practice out of our town. He did ask me to join him, but I am in no position to move myself and my family to Toronto.
Hours and staff were cut do to the office going weekends only.
My job is just a job and I want a career and new challenges.
At time time I am working casual at Hope Hospital, which only offers very few shifts.
Ive been there for 12 years and there is no moving up in the company. I want a career that I can wake up and love going to everyday and know that I can further my education and move up the ladder within the company.
My current employer is very nice to me and like to help me to improve myself. I want to leave my current employer because I want to gain more experience and have better understanding in what I do.
Employer moved their office to far from my city.
Because I am going to school for something that I really want and working at a child care is something that is great but not something I want to have a career wtith.
I've always wanted to work at a bigger company for a better opportunity and expand my experience as a medical assistant.
I didn't want to leave but I had to too care for my daughter who was born early.
I want to leave my current employer because they give me only a few hours of work each day and minimal wage.
I have been subbing for the past 8 years and only one term. Theres no full time positions and they are cutting back.
Working as a certified nurses aid allowed me the opportunity to learn from wonderful nurses. But I have more room for advancement as a medical assistant.
No I am not want to leave my current employer.