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Why do you want a career in the medical field?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Medical Assistant interview

Many individuals enter the medical field by starting as a medical assistant. Tell the interviewer that you enjoy helping people, that you're interested in working in an environment where you are constantly learning. Think about your future career plans. Do you intend to further your education by becoming a nurse? Discuss how this new position fits into your career goals. Share why you're excited about working in the medical field and what you're looking forward to.

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Why do you want a career in the medical field?
I want a career as medical assistant because I love to give a care to people.
I really love what I do and I am eager to help and care for people.
I want to experience the medical field as much as possible. The industry is growing rapidly and more people need to experience and express their knowledge and grow with companies.
I would have to say that I love caring for others and showing them compassion.
I want a career as a medical assistant because a want to be part of a people health and I care for people.
To know that I can help a patient is a rewarding feeling.
Because I love to help people and keep them healthy, giving them treatments. I want to communicate with my patients and I want the opportunity that had meaning, doing something I felt was important, contributing something worthwhile to other people to make their lives better. I love to give a care to people. I want to experience the medical field as much as possible. The industry is growing rapidly and more people need to experience and express their knowledge and grow with companies.
I feel that I have a genuine feeling to help others and being a medical assistant helps me to do this.
I like to feel that I can make a difference and help someone with a problem or concern they may have.
I love the constant human interaction and I desire to make the best care for patients.
Being in the medical field has always been my passion and I plan on furthering my education by becoming a registered nurse. I love helping people, being around people and I know that by being a medical assistant I will get to interact with people and use my communicating skills.
I enjoy helping people, and I want a career that will help me push myself to be a better person.
I love helping individuals of all kinds.
Ive been a care giver for three years and seen the effects of having poor health routines can have on an individual. I want to help people live a healthier life and be able to feel like I ve helped make a positive contribution to the world. I wanted to learn about the body and how it works so that I too can incorperate good health practices in my children and my life.
I enjoy working with people and I feel as if I would be a great asset to this team. I like that the medical field is always evolving.
I have health issues myself and want to help others in the office setting.
This has always been my dream job. I have always loved working with the public. This job is what best suits my personality. I am very organized and I am a great multi tasker and these are assets that you need for this job.
I want a career as a medical assistant because, I just simply want to do something meaningful, I mean I know it's not a doctor or an RN, but I still would like to make an impact in peoples live, rather I'm telling them their blood pressure is good for the day, or telling them their UA came back normal.
I love caring for people.
I just want to be in a position to help people or make a positive impact. I want a career. Not to just job hop and I want to push myself outside a box.
I want a career in medical assisting because I am passionate when it comes to caring for others.
I have always wanted to some how to work in the medical field. After lots of research, and doing informational interviews, I felt that this career was a good fit for me.
I have always had an interest in working in the medical field, but was not sure what. I only found out that out after many informational interviews. I like being a part of a team that helps provide medical care to the patient.
I've always wanted to be in the medical area its my passion since I was a kid.
To build my existing cna skills.
Because I'm interesting in healping people.
I enjoy helping people. I enjoy feeling the satisfaction of knowing somebody went home with a diagnosis and a solution to the problem they have.
I love the medical field and have always wanted to be able to help care for others.
Because I'm a people person, and I've always wanted to be a nurse when I was younger.
I have great love for helping people I feel like that my calling.
I always find myself helping others, and one way I can do more is become part of the healthcare team, and being a medical assistant fit my passion.
Because I enjoy helping people.
Prepare me for a nursing career.
I would like to eventually be a nurse and this job would give me a good foot in the door and help prepare me for that field.
I love the medical field in general but it also gives me an opportunity to help others and be that advocate for them that some patients dont have.
Because I like to do welfare. I want to treat my patient with care and love so that they know that their health is important to them.
I enjoy working with others and being able to help.
I have worked as office support executive back home. I have worked with immigration consultant. Where I used to counsel the people, who are interested to immigrate themselves. I used to enjoy meet and help people. I always wanted to do a office job.
This is the way to help people.
Because I love helping people and watch them progress and watch them feel happy about themselves.
Because I love helping people, I would fell happy if I can be help to someone.
To be able to help give them the proper care that they need. I also want to make sure that they are not alone and that there are someone like them that wouldn't let them walk that same path as them. I want to give them the support and best healthcare that they can get. When they leave I know I did my job and seeing them win a smile let's me know I did my job as a medical assistant.
Because It feels rewarding that I'm able to be part of people's health and lives while having stable career.
Patient care. I have a passion for patient care.
I feel like I can make a positive difference and have done so in the past.
I truly enjoy helping others and the medical field had always been an interest of mine. So having the opportunity to gain the experience in the medical field will enable me to further my career and become better at what I do.
I find the study of medicine to be very interesting. I think working in medicine it is forever changing and there is endless opportunity's to advance in this field.
I've already been working in the health care field for the past 7 years and decided furthering my skills could help me gain some experience in an ambulatory setting.
I want a career bin the medical field because I want to help patients to better their health and learn new things.
I love working with people on a personal note and knowing I can listen to their problems and help them is my ultimate goal.
Bc I want to help people with their health. Condition.
To get to help people that are sick feel better.
I enjoy helping people and always finding way to be a useful hand, I love learning new ways to help as well.
I would like a position where I can grow. This would be a new challenge for me because it is different. The more I learn the more I can advance.
I want to improve to senior medical secretary.
To help myself, my family, and my future family later on.
I want a career in the medical field because I want to help people. I like being able to see people feel better because I was able to help them in any way I could.
A career in the medical field is something I have always wanted. I find the human body fasinating and nothing feel better that making a difference in someone life.
I've always wanted to be in medicine. I've done other things to support my studies throughout the years, and I keep coming back to this. It's where my heart lies.
As young child, I always love with medical field. This career give life to someone who are really sick and need help.
I love helping people and making them feel better.
Because I like to help people specially those who are seek.
I want to combine my organizational skills with my interest in medicine.
I enjoy helping others in a way that some people at times do not have patience for them or like to help others.
I love the medical field. I love how science works in the medicine and is always changing. I love change in that aspect and nothing is always the same. It's not monotonous. It keeps me thriving and motivated.

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